How to Protect Your Automobile

 Mohimenul Islam
  Jun 25, 2018

You will never want your car being stolen. But it happens sometimes. Nowadays, car theft is a major problem in the world. If you have ever faced the problem I mean if your car has ever been stolen you know the stress and inconvenience it can bring. It causes you a huge amount of financial loss if you do not have any insurance.

And to protect the car there are many options available that can help you such as setting up a best car alarm system, parking carefully, locking up the car, making the car less attractive and many others. I am writing some interesting but effective way that can help you to protect your car.


Park your car awkwardly

Try not to park your car in a simple place from where the thief can easily take your car. Always try to park your car in such a place from where it takes a lot of effort for a thief to take the car away. You know, thieves always avoid the cars that need lots of efforts to take away. If you have a driveway then use it since it means that the thief has to come closer to you in order to steal the car. Also always try to move your car’s wheels towards another car or curb.

Keep everything out of sight

Scruffy cars attract the thieves. This includes paperwork, handbags or phone. This indicates that you have been in hurry and left these things. This also indicates that maybe you have left your keys inside the car or kept your door unlocked. So always try to keep your things in the glove box.

Unattractive look

You know exclusive as well as the luxurious car looks attractive. And thieves know that as well. Flower painted cars tend to be cheaper. And those types of cars do not attract the car thieves. So try to make your car as unattractive as possible. Though this does not work all time, but it decreases the chances.

Use the best car alarm system

This one is the best thing you can use to protect your car. Using a car alarm system assure you that if someone is trying to steal your car you will get notified. And also, this will keep the thieves away since some advanced alarm system has loud sirens systems. Whenever a thief tries to steal the car I mean break the lock a loud as well as high-pitched siren that forces the thief to go away from the car.

In addition, some car alarm system has the anti-hacking system that will protect your car from hacker thieves. You know, nowadays, with the development of science and technology the thieves develop their skill as well. So some good companies make this anti-hacking car alarm system to protect your car.

Hide your key

It is important to hide your keys always even in the home. You know a thief will always try to get the key in order to steal the car and so he will keep his eyes always on the keys. That means you have to keep the key in such a place where a thief can’t even reach.

Lock up the door

Maybe you are thinking that oh yeah! I know that and I always keep my door locked up right? But do you know almost half of the cars that are stolen in every year are unlock when it is stolen? Well, I am pretty sure you don’t know that. So always keep all the windows, doors and sunroof closed when you are not in the car.

Always be careful

Just like your home, do not think that your car is safe. It is common to come in mind that your car is safe since this thing never happens to you. But trust me, this is a big mistake you are doing. Keep this thing in your mind can help you keep your car unsafe. And the result could not be so pleasing. So always be careful about your car.

Park in a safe area

Always try to avoid parking in the area where the crime rate is high. Park your car in such area where you can keep your eyes on the car, or your neighbors can. It is found that the crime happens more when the car is parked in crime area rather than safer area with neighborhood watch as well as good lightening. So park your car only in the safer area.


We cannot assure you that these tips will protect your car 100%. But what we can say is that if you follow these tips, the chances are low that your car gets stolen. And also, you should know more about car security system.

How to Protect Your Automobile

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