How to Protect Your Home From Your Garden

  Jun 19, 2018

Tree Pruning Services in Perth - Williams Tree ProHow many stories have you heard about a tree branch falling on someone’s house, their car or even on themselves? This might have even happened to you. In so many cases, a little bit of tree care and maintenance could have saved the damage or injury. It’s so simple yet is so easily overlooked so here’s our tips on how to protect yourself and your home from your garden.

The common things home owners or occupiers neglect is how they are endangering their residence by not taking proper precautions over tree maintenance.

Generally, for every household there would be some trees older or younger growing in their vicinity, unregulated growth of trees may lead to a hindrance to the growth of any new trees. During summer, there is a higher chance for trees to catch fire due to external high temperatures. If the tree is long or if its branches are extending longer the fire might spread to the surrounding trees or if it is touching the power lines, the line might start burning which may not only impact power supply but other factors such as the insulation releasing chemicals if on fire affecting surrounding areas.

During rainy seasons, the strong winds might uproot the trees and causing them to fall on vehicles, houses or even worse they could fall on people. Tree branches alone or even fruits which have not been harvested at the end of season may fall during this period with hard seeds which can be just as dangerous.

These kinds of things might happen if the trees are not taken care of. Other things that might take place are like if a part of a tree is affected by some disease, then if not properly contained, then the whole plant will get affected, and will spread out to other trees, hitting a severe blow to the flora around the region. These are the most obvious potential issues. However, there are many problems which are not seen on the surface which can create havoc.

Things that are generally undermined by the people, who want to grow trees or are house owners are that they need to trim the trees from time to time. They should be restricted to a certain length and a definite radius has to be given to the trees to keep them at safe distance.

While tree pruning is important, doing it incorrectly will also lead to its own set of troubles. For those who are unsure or are inexperienced, it is advisable to take proper guidance from the experts. These qualified experts are working in tree pruning services and in tree removal services every day are able to prune to remove broken branches and dead parts of the tree while also preparing the tree for future seasons and promote healthy growth.

Tree pruning services and tree removal can help with moving or removal without damaging the trees or any structures nearby, this in itself ensures the safety and development of the vegetative area. The tree pruning can give beauty and proper shape to the younger trees, if tree removal services are taken in, then they will also help in the restoration of area properly.

Tree pruning can reduce damages caused by storms and other factors. The landscape can be beautified, this will add to the preservation of various plant species. Trees provide humidity in the atmosphere, maintain oxygen level, can help in reducing the average temperature in the region.

But, this all can happen only if proper tree care is adopted. People striving to grow trees must first understand the kind of techniques to be used to properly raise a young tree, proper leveling and soil fertility is to be taken care of. Home owners and occupiers need to be educated in this respect, qualified arborists or even your local nursery should be approached to get educated and understand the short term and long term needs and effects of the tree being planted. For example, pruning a fruit tree isn’t as simple as snipping off the ends. There’s specific cuts and reasons to cut where you do. (more information on fruit tree pruning)

Anyone with a home or garden should take some time to know more about their trees and plants. If you look after your trees, your trees will look after you in more ways than you could imagine both practically and aesthetically.

This article is addressed to all homeowners and other people who are interested in maintaining trees and preserving them by the application of tree pruning or arboriculture, this article is to motivate people and encourage them to preserve the surroundings and make them beautiful with proper methods.

How to Protect Your Home From Your Garden


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