How to Start a Successful App Development Business!

 Darren Wilson
  Dec 27, 2018

Are you passionate about creating apps and want to something out of it? Here are some handy tips on how to start an app development business.

Predictions state that the App Store will have as many as five million apps by 2020. And that's just Apple -- countless other apps also exist for other platforms.

This means there's no time like now to get into the app development business. Although there are already millions of apps on the market, the market is poised for growth. There's always a new app for people to get excited about -- why not be the person who makes them?

App Development

Not sure how to start an app development business? We're here to help. In this guide, we've put together everything you need to get started, from how to create an app to launch your own app business. Keep reading to learn how to cash in on apps now!

Creating an App: How it Works

Chances are, you already have an idea for an app. It's easy to imagine something that you wish you had on your phone or computer to make life easier. But how do you take apps from idea to reality?

When you start your app development business, you might not be the person in charge of building the apps. But you should still know how they get made, so you'll understand exactly what kind of business you're getting into. Let's take a look at the steps that take your app from conception to reality.

1. The Idea for an App

Of course, you'll start with the idea. However, the idea-generating process might look different from what you'd expect.

You don't always start with the idea and then find the audience. In fact, some of the best app developers start by finding a target audience, then designing an app that they'd like. It's also beneficial to look at the competition and see where there are gaps in the app market that you could fill.

2. Research

Once you have the idea for an app, it's a good idea to delve back into the target market and competitors for some research. Look carefully at how you'll set your app apart. Think about how you'll market it.

You should also look for potential problems you might run into. Are there copyright issues that need to be addressed? Did the reviews of competitor apps state some common problems with the idea?

Although you'll be excited to build your app, don't slack on the research process. The more you can find out before you start building, the better the final app will be.

3. Marketing

It's always a good idea to start planning the marketing before the app gets built. How will you get the word out? Plan ahead to time your marketing efforts so you'll create buzz before the app gets released.

If you start thinking about marketing early, you'll have plenty of time to refine your efforts before the app goes live.

4. Development

Now, the app itself gets developed.

This can take several steps in itself. You'll likely use a wireframe, which is like a storyboard for tech products. Then you'll need to figure out the backend method that you'll use to start building.

Testing is also a crucial part of the development process. You'll need to thoroughly test your app so you can troubleshoot it before it gets released.

5. Release

Finally, the app gets released for download or purchase. This is where all your prep work from the previous steps pays off. And if you skipped any important steps, it will show at this point.

How to Start an App Development Business

With an app development business, you're creating a brand that's responsible for successfully executing these steps over and over again. The best app development companies merge creativity and tech know-how to create winning apps.

Starting an app development business is like starting any business -- you'll need some startup funds, a great team, and an idea of who your customer base will be. But you'll also benefit from a few other tips -- let's take a look at how to make your app development company a success.

Know How You'll Make Money

Where will your business income come from? There are a few different ways for app development companies to make money.

First, you can be a for-hire business that builds apps for other people. This takes away the excitement of designing your own app ideas but also means you'll get paid without all the responsibilities of research and marketing.

Next, you can make money from the apps themselves. For example, you might have a free version, and then a paid "premium" version. Or you could charge for the apps themselves.

Finally, you can also design free apps but make money from ads. You can also combine any of these methods into a business model that works for you.

Think Big

You want each app you make to become a success. However, you'll also need long-term business goals that go beyond the success of a single app.

For example, have a post-launch plan for your apps. Will you keep the buzz going with events? Will you start working on the next version of the app? Find out how to make a cohesive name for your business -- don't just settle for one good app.

Have the Right Tools

You'll need to know how to use the tools of the industry at your company. While you may not know every tool in the game, you'll need people on your team who do.

For example, building an app involves coding knowledge. A development team who all knows basic coding can get a lot more done. However, you'll also need marketing knowledge, research skills, design skills, and more on your team.

Breaking Into the App World

There's still plenty of room for a new app development business. However, don't underestimate what it takes to break into app development. You'll need more than just a great idea.

With these tips and the right team of people, you can start building the apps that will change the world. Wondering why a great team is better than outsourcing? Find out more here!

How to Start a Successful App Development Business!

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