How to Streamline Your Delivery Process with Freight Shipping

 Alice Johnson
  Jun 06, 2019

Fast shipping is the foundation of a successful business. But sometimes traditional mail isn't fast enough. Learn the benefits of freight shipping below.


If you run a business, you know how key fast shipping is for you and your customers. But sometimes sending mail the traditional way doesn't get to your destination fast enough. Keep reading to learn how freight shipping can help your small business flourish.

Freight Shipping Basics

There are a couple of moving parts that go into freight shipping that you should be aware of. We'll walk you through all the basics, so you really understand what you're getting into.

First, what is shipping? Freight transportation refers to the physical process of when commodities, merchandise goods, and cargo are transported. It is called "freight shipping" because this form of transport used to only be by the sea. Today freight shipping includes transport from air and land.

Know How to Save Money with Freight Packaging

If you don't package your freight shipment properly, this could lead to lost or damaged inventory and unhappy customers. You want to make sure that you're using proper packing techniques when shipping a package by freight, as this will save you time and money in the long run.

You can also save yourself money when you learn how to quote for oversized freight. This will have you avoid common shipping changes that are unpredictable and costly.

If you're often shipping items for trade shows, for example, be sure you read up on trade show shipping and know some tips that will make this process easier. Or if you are shipping hazmat materials a lot, make sure you listen and abide by any safety pointers so your package will get to where it needs to be safely and in one piece.

Freight Provider Reduce Your Staffing Needs

Any time you use a freight service provider you are cutting down on the number of employees you need to hire in your back office. This will reduce your payroll and save money, as you are only using a freight service provider when you need one.

A reputable freight service provider will be able to process thousands of orders for easily a fraction of what it costs when your company directly works with shippers. Freight providers give you the chance to focus on them whenever you need them.


Access to Freight Shipping Experts

When you go with a freight shipping provider, you're hiring experts who have been in the shipping industry for years and have tons of experience. Shipping can actually be complicated, so you want to have experts on your side to guide you through the process, save you money and answer all of your questions.

A shipping expert can help you find out the best way to ship your product as well if you need the item to be refrigerated or intermodal. Shipping experts will also help you identify new efficiencies, help you prepare your package and so much more. When you use a freight expert you not only get the most efficient shipping experience, you also save money.

TMS Tools

TMS Tools stands for a Transportation Management System and is a great tool for you to have. TMS makes it super easy for you to manage lots of shipments at one time. On average, small businesses owners don't take advantage of tools like this. When you use a freight shipping company, you'll have access to TMS to manage your shipments and even explore and inefficiencies with your shipping process.

Quicker Delivery Time

One of the biggest reasons companies use LTL (Less Than Trucking) shipping is because LTL shipments tend to have a quicker delivery time than full truckload shipments do. This is due to the fact that there are fewer logistics to deal with. When you have an LTL shipment there are fewer weigh-ins and stops so the package gets to its destination faster.

Cost Effective with More Options

One of the biggest advantages of using LTL freight shipping is that the shipments are transported for easily the fraction of a cost than when you hire an entire truck for your shipments. When you use LTL shipping, the carrier puts all of the shipments from multiple companies on the same freight truck.

This way each shipper is only paying for a fraction of the shipping cost, which saves you a lot of money. LTL shipping companies also have a variety of services that are not offered when you go with FTL (Full Truck Load) shipping.

Some of these services include but are not limited to pick-up for non-commercial service, notification before the delivery, as well as freeze protection and so much more. These services can either be billed at a rate that's flat or through a weight-based sur-charge. LTL can be super beneficial for shipping companies because it allows them to extend their business to smaller companies that can't use FTL shipping.

Item Protection

When you ship with LTL freight shipping, your items are carefully packaged and put on a truck before they're shipped. This is done to make sure that all these items are not destroyed or damaged before they get to their destination.

It's much more common to have items get damaged when you ship them with FTL shipping. This is why most business providers choose LTL shipping for their businesses.

Ability to Ship Small Shipments & Peace of Mind

When you go with LTL shipping, no shipment is too small. Even the smallest amount of product can get across the country safely and cost-efficiently, without you having to wait for a full shipment.

You also get a piece of mind when you go with an LTL freight shipping carrier. You know that your product will get to its final destination safely, and you can keep track of its an entire journey with modern technology's tracking capabilities.

Choose Freight Shipping

Now that you know how your small business can greatly benefit from freight shipping and LTL shipping, why ship items any other way? There's no denying that freight shipping is the best, safest and most cost-efficient way to get your product to its final destination.

How to Streamline Your Delivery Process with Freight Shipping

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