How to Use Instagram to Give Your Small Business a Successful Start

 Smith Willas
  Oct 08, 2018

In recent years, the popularity of Instagram has skyrocketed in a remarkable way. Its journey began as a platform where people used to post and share their pictures. But today, it has acquired the status of being a major social media marketing platform for business of all sizes. Part of the reason for this transformation is the way how visuals play a critical role in appealing customers and increasing engagement. Besides, there are other crucial elements at play that made Instagram a go-to channel as far as marketing is concerned.

If you want your brand to be seen by more people, grow a massive follower base, and give a tactical boost to your business, Instagram could be your magic pill. In June 2018, Instagram entered the elusive club of 1 billion monthly active users. In light of this, many brands are grabbing this opportunity to interact with the Instagram community and investing their time and money in forming long-term relationships. Thus, it is clear as long as you make genuine efforts to harness the power of Instagram, you can get most of your marketing investment.

Build Trust On Instagram

Here is how you can use Instagram to grow your business:

1- Set up and optimize your business profile

Before embarking on the Instagram marketing journey, a clear, effective, and optimized business profile is the need of the hour. Many businesses just start off without correctly setting up their profile, which is why they can’t make a cut with the audience. Remember, your personal profile should remain separated from your business profile. The fact is marketing is all about the audience, so your personal snapshots are largely irrelevant to what customers want to see and engage with. So it all starts with optimizing your profile for the maximum reach because a well-optimized business profile will draw the attention of more prospects.

optimize your business profile

You need to consider the following components for a compelling profile:

  • An impactful profile photo is the best foot forward. Use a clear, high-definition image for your profile. This image should be consistent with the images you have posted across various other social media channels.

update your profile

  • Next step is to create a compelling bio for your business. Write a clear and concise description by telling what your products are all about. It should include your business logo so that your prospects can identify your brand.
  • Since Instagram does not allow adding links between the content, it’s become pertinent to add your link to the bio. Thus linking your home page, product page, or landing page will help drive traffic to your site.

2- Build trust with your target audience

Social media marketing is all about building trust and establishing long-term relationships with your audience, rather than just creating followers. This is like building an online community where the engaged users act as your brand advocates. They’ll comment on pictures, engage in conversations, mention your brand name, and raise excitement. Creating a breathing Instagram community will help you position your business as a worthy brand. This engagement with your audience will help you identify the type of content they love, which in turn will help you create more engaging content.

Build Trust With Target Audience

How will you build your online Instagram community? If you already have a database to tap into, you can use your email list to reach out to them. You can also dig into other social media platforms and announce your account by including a link. Once you have built a trusted community on Instagram, the real long-term engagement ensues. Since the Instagram is all about aesthetically pleasing content, you have to post it regularly. You can also include the engagement by scheduling your best post according to the timeline, for it will save hours of work per week. As far as your audiences’ content is concerned, make sure you are equally interested in it. So like and comment on their posts to draw their attention and gain loyalty.

3- Create an Instagram Stories strategy

Instagram Stories is one of the most interesting features that can innovatively be used to post unique videos. This is the component of Instagram that is equally attractive to both regular people as well as businesses. “Stories” is amazing in sharing fun and exciting content, promoting a marketing campaign, or even driving e-commerce sales.

Since Instagram has a user-friendly interface, creating stories becomes relatively simple. However, because Instagram has added many new features to Instagram Stories, it could be a bit inconvenient to keep track of them all. Once you’ve created your story and posted it on your profile, it will appear on the top of your followers’ feeds, which they can like and comment on.

instagram stories

More and more people are using Instagram Stories on a daily basis, it’s time to put your strategy in place that can get you a huge engagement. When you create Instagram Stories that are unique and relevant, the algorithm makes it easier for your audience to find them. Getting your stories featured on the Explore page tantamount to more followers and engagement. For that, you can also optimize your stories as they will have a better chance to be visible.

So which types of stories should you post on Instagram Stories? Stories that are creative, informative, unique, and quirky are crowd pullers and gain a lot of viewership. To begin with, step-by-step, how-to, and behind-the-scenes types of video content will be effective for your marketing campaigns. You can also share user-generated content in the form of stories.

4- Gain more traction with hashtags

Hashtags are an important tool for your brand to find more visitors; so using relevant hashtags will increase the visibility of your post, and improve your engagement to the next level. They allow your post to get indexed around a particular keyword so that it readily appears on your users’ feeds. Hashtags give your brand a chance to become an instant trend when you share quality photos or videos, provided the relevant hashtags are used. You never know which of your posts might draw people’s attention and make your brand an instant buzz. Hashtags drastically increase the odds of spreading your posts not only on Instagram but other social platforms as well.

Gain Traction with hashtag

To find the most appropriate hashtags, you can research your competitors, and you will figure out the types and number of hashtags you can use. By the way, the maximum Instagram hashtags are 30 per posts. When you create a branded hashtag and add it to your bio, your followers easily get to know what hashtags to use when talking about your brand. You can also create various hashtags for different campaigns, then measure your results to find out how your hashtags perform.

5- Reach out to influencers

Instagram influencer marketing is a rising trend and many businesses have already managed to boost their sales using influencers. Instagram is increasingly becoming a powerful platform for various brands to partner with influencers in order to reach new consumers quickly. The success behind Instagram influencer marketing is it removes the barriers of traditional marketing and introduces your brand an entirely new set of audience. There are numerous celebrities on Instagram who have a few thousand to a few million followers. Most of these followers value the recommendations of these celebrities.

So if you manage to initiate a partnership with influencers, your products or services will get a trusted voice. The rationale is simple, when an influencer recommends a product or service on their channels, it can come across as an authentic recommendation from a friend. Usually, the ideal influencers are those who create and promote content that is relevant to your industry. Another factor for approaching good influencers is to check their engagement rate. Influencers with high engagement rate show that their content is being liked by their followers.


There is no denying the fact that Instagram is a powerful social media platform in this digital age. Due to the overwhelming popularity among the masses, Instagram is a promising channel for businesses to increase their customer base and enhance the brand value. The platform thrives on its visual appeal with which people share their creative photos and videos to each other. It turned out equally valuable for businesses in terms of increasing their sales and profits.

How to Use Instagram to Give Your Small Business a Successful Start

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