How to Write Quality Post for Lifehack

Muhammad Amjad Butt Mar 07, 2017

On the off chance that you've been a peruser of Lifehack for any timeframe, leading – bless your heart.

Also, you've likely seen that we have a wide assortment of visitor donors who present tips, traps, instructional exercises and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Be that as it may, have you at any point pondered contributing yourself?

In the event that you have and you're hoping to do as such, we're generally watchful for new material. Also, this piece here will give you access on the best way to write for us here at Stepcase Lifehack.

The Application Process

Everybody who needs to write for us here at Lifehack needs to apply by presenting an application through our contact page. This is what you'll need to accommodate our publication group while presenting a demand to contribute:

Your identity and regardless of whether you claim/have a site you write for. This part is truly plain as day. It's best to place something in the site spot – even a Twitter URL will work with the goal that we have a feeling of a presnece online that you have control over how you introduce yourself.

Which topic(s) would you like to write about? The primary classes we have at Lifehack are as per the following: Communication, Productivity, Management, Lifestyle, Financial and Technology. They are genuinely expansive in degree and keeping in mind that you might have the capacity to write for every one of the six classes, don't feel you need to do as such. There's a great deal to investigate in every classification, so on the off chance that you just feel sufficiently capable in one of them then just say that one. You can simply grow your zones out later on the off chance that you start to write for Lifehack. Investigate and see what's been composed here both in the past and as of now to get a thought of what we're searching for in every class.

Do you have any example work? This is critical. Regardless of whether you give us single URLs to a whole site that you are the sole donor for or you send us tests from over the web, on the off chance that you don't place anything in here then your odds of enduring the application procedure are thin to none. On the off chance that you write for a site that elements numerous writers and you need to exhibit your assortment of work there, you can typically do that by tapping on your name in a post you've composed – that will give you a URL for every one of the posts you've composed there.

The recurrence that you can contribute. In a perfect world we'd get a kick out of the chance to have supporters who can submit bi-week by week, so let us know how frequently you plan to contribute. It helps us guarantee that we're giving everybody enough time on the site and takes into consideration better booking rehearses.

After you present your application, give us a little while to survey it so we can choose in case will be a solid match for Lifehack. While we do attempt to react to each candidate, on the off chance that you don't hear once more from us inside that time period, it implies that your application didn't make the cut. There are various reasons why this may happen, so kindly don't be debilitated by it. You can simply re-apply at a later date.

In case you're affirmed, you'll get an appreciated email from one of our editors, laying out a portion of the rudiments you'll have to begin composing for us immediately. Some of these particulars incorporate your username and watchword, a connection to agree to accept a pamphlet that permits us to frequently refresh our patrons and a demand for a bio for us to use underneath your articles.

The Basic Guidelines

Each accommodation for Lifehack must meet the accompanying criteria to make it to the altering stage:

Articles ought to be no less than 600 words long.

Articles must be unique work from the writer – and exceptional to Lifehack.

Articles can't contain any business/self-advancement – including joins as well as references to writers' own particular business, or partner joins. Your work can contain 1-2 important connections to your work somewhere else on the Internet. With respect to all out self-advancement and deals joins — your profile is the place that sort of stuff can go (barring offshoot joins and in a constrained manner).

As a Lifehack giver, you additionally should consent to our Content Contribution Policy, which is recorded on our Contribute page.

So… Are You Interested?

Composing for Lifehack will give you and your work a lot of presentation, and you'll be capable ot say you've composed for a site that has worked with any semblance of Chris Brogan and Leo Babauta. Both of these previous Lifehack benefactors have gone ahead to do tremendous things, and you can begin to head down a comparable way by doing some specatacular things ideal without a moment's hesitation.

So what are you sitting tight for? Since you know how to write for Lifehack, it's an ideal opportunity to begin the voyage to really composing for Lifehack! We'll trust you'll investigate going along with us soon.

How to Write Quality Post for Lifehack

Muhammad Amjad Butt

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