How Tuning Can Transform Your Boring Diesel Car

 Yvonne Lorentz
  Jul 07, 2017

A lot of drivers love diesel cars because of the various benefits they can enjoy. Most diesel vehicles are dependable, durable and economical. While there are a lot of pros in owning a diesel car, they still have their own share of cons. At times, the engine becomes a bit noisy and its throttle response can be sluggish. Let’s face it, diesel cars can get boring at times. The good news is you can tune your diesel car and transform it into something that can give you an interesting and pleasurable drive.

Diesel Engine Explained
It is important to understand how the diesel engine works if you want to know more about tuning. When you have a diesel engine, the air goes into the compression cylinder. The air is then compressed to reach a high temperature. By the end of the piston’s cycle, it is driven down when the diesel injected inside the chamber ignites due to the high temperature.

After the aforementioned process, there’s typically about 50% of air left in the cylinder. However, when there’s more diesel fuel injection activity inside the chamber, there’s more power and torque.

Advantages of a Diesel Car

  • Fuel economy better than the equivalent powered petrol
  • Remap can result to better power and fuel economy
  • More reliable and longer diesel service intervals

Disadvantages of a Diesel Car

  • Service is a bit more costly than a petrol vehicle
  • Heavier engine
  • More noisy as compared to a petrol car
  • Exhaust pollution levels are a major concern for environmentalists

Larger Turbo for Bigger Power
One of the easiest diesel engine modifications you can manage is mounting a larger turbo. Doing so will help you significantly increase your engine’s power. You can double the power of a production car just by adding a turbo with a larger capacity. However, you have to remember that the engine should be mapped for this upgrade before you can take advantage of its feature. We will discuss mapping further in this article.

Customising the Engine Control Unit
These days, when you want to tune your diesel car, the easiest method you can use is going to the engine control unit (ECU) and customising the software. Every aspect of engine operation is handled in the ECU from controlling what the diesel fuel injection should do to managing signals coming from different sensors.
To ensure that the engine efficiently operates, the software in the ECU maps, programs or manages fuel timing and delivery. It also ensures that the engine functions at any RPM and that the performance exhaust or the pollution levels stay within the satisfactory area. In the past, there’s a detachable computer chip inside the ECU where the maps are stored. However, these days, you can go to the on-board diagnostic port to access the ECU’s built-in maps.

When you book a diesel service for tuning, the car mechanic rewrites the ECU maps to let the diesel reach its true potential. Through the remapping process, the mechanic can make various reconfigurations that can improve your vehicle’s performance. The main objective of an ECU remapping is achieving an excellent power curve level for gas mileage and vehicle performance. All the while, the mechanic has to make sure that all the safety features initially programmed into the ECU will be left untouched so that there won’t be any damage to the engine or drive train.

Using Digital Technology to Customise the ECU
You can also customise the ECU using the latest digital technology and you will get an excellent driving performance. You can place four to eight ignition maps in the memory and then choose your preferred driving performance. This also means that you have to match all control parameters at every performance level.
This can be accomplished by using high-performance processors. These processors run detailed real-time scans of the ignition maps without affecting the internal protection features.

Adaptable Modifications for your Diesel Car
You also have the option to add personalised touches to your vehicle’s features. A few miles into driving your customised diesel car, the memory feature detects and stores the individual data for the varying cycles of fuel injection. In this way, the information will be used for the optimisation. You wouldn’t have to do things manually as the optimal result will be automated by balancing the tolerances.

Fuel savings as a useful extra effect
When you enhance the ignition map, you also increase the efficiency levels. Consequently, you will consume less fuel. By increasing the torque, you would have to use less accelerator pressure to reach a certain acceleration level. At the same time, your car’s driving performance will require fewer revs per minute. There’s a rough estimate of 10-20% fuel consumption savings. This means that you will see results from tuning your diesel engine quite quickly.

How Tuning Can Transform Your Boring Diesel Car

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