How your Business Can Add More Phone Lines - But Save Money on Calls Simultaneously

 Steve Charli
  Aug 07, 2019

As your business grows, it might need to add new phone lines. This could be the case if, for example, you recruit new employees who each need to be given their own line, while extra lines might also have to be added for accommodating an increased volume of phone calls from customers.

However, if your company's phone system is still a traditional, on-premise system, adding phone lines could be expensive. For example, it would incur relatively high setup and maintenance costs, such as when it comes to installing extra hardware or dipping into IT support.

Reassuringly, it is possible to add phone lines while actually saving money on calls. It would simply require you to modernize your phone system, whether through refining or overhauling it.

SIP trunking: a stepping stone to a VoIP phone system

You might have heard of VoIP phone systems, which can be delivered over the cloud for impressive cost efficiency. However, if your company still uses a traditional phone system, you could fear a straight switch to a fully cloud-based solution potentially proving overly disruptive to your business.

Of course, once that system is in place, you wouldn't need to cling to those fears, whether they are well-founded or otherwise. Still, if you would prefer to more gradually transition your business to the VoIP telephony world, you could start by paying for what are known as SIP trunks.

A SIP trunk is essentially a connection between a business and an internet telephony service provider (ITSP), explains. As a SIP trunk would use your internet connection, you could remove a legacy Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and, with it, traditional analog phone lines. Therefore, you could bring more VoIP elements to your phone system.

SIP trunking is very much considered a "halfway house" solution, as the process would involve you modernizing an existing analog system to make it internet-ready. For this reason, you could opt to preserve legacy content by linking it to an internet phone service provider.

Draw a line under this: you really can save money

Even just SIP trunking can reduce your call costs... but by how much exactly? Implementing a SIP trunk by Gamma can see those costs fall by at least 25%, the provider of corporate telephony services reports. This bodes well for the lines you could end up using.

With SIP trunks, you can be at liberty to scale up lines as business becomes brisker and scale them back down during quieter periods. Therefore, you can pay just for those extensions that you actually use, which is also a benefit of using a fully cloud-based phone system, says Small Business Trends.

You could come to especially appreciate the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of using a cloud-based phone system when you want to open new offices, as you wouldn't need to install new hardware - and spend the money necessary for doing so - at each new base. This could strongly incentivize you to step up to a full cloud solution as soon as possible.

Nextiva: the best phone service

Nextiva is the best business phone service as far as features and convenience are concerned. They offer an enormous set of services, with speedy setup and reasonable pricing. It accompanies a simple web-based admin which makes it simple for small business owners to effectively deal with the unified communications platform like a pro.

Nextiva's VOIP telephone administration for small business incorporates advanced call routing, boundless free local calling, phone message to email and text, online faxing, text messages, and the sky is the limit from there.

You likewise get a free local or toll-free number, free number porting, and all the standard features like guest ID, call forwarding, routing, custom greetings, and more. As a platform, Nextiva additionally offers other incredible features including CRM, Live Chat, online overviews, call analytics, and different solutions that work very well with the business phone system.

Pricing for Nextiva's business telephone service begins from $19.95 per client consistently. Their pricing gets less expensive as you include more customers. You can likewise make a prepaid account to set aside more money.

RingCentral: the most feature-rich business phone system

RingCentral is another well-known business phone service for organizations of all sizes. They offer one of the most feature-rich small business phone systems on the market. Their business phone platform incorporates all the standard features you would need including:

Call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting and transfer, share one line on multiple mobile devices and users, and that's just the beginning.

Aside from that, it additionally accompanies video meetings with screen sharing, 1000 toll-free minutes, and integrations with Gsuite, Dropbox, Microsoft, and other services. It accompanies a natural cloud-based organization that makes it excessively simple to set up and deal with your calls.

Their Essentials plan begins at $19.99 every month for every user (charged yearly), and you can add up 10 clients. Different plans come at various pricing and features.

How your Business Can Add More Phone Lines - But Save Money on Calls Simultaneously

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