Ideal Lunch Ideas for Toddlers: 4 Daycare Lunch Ideas

 Kevin Brown
  Apr 01, 2019

Currently, People of all age group have become very much conscious about health and a healthy diet including toddlers!! I feel the toddlers also are demanding a varied diet in this healthy world.

Ever since the parents have become aware of their kid’s health, they are forced to adopt different types of lunch ideas for their toddlers, and it is obvious that they hope their children to be healthy and strong from a very early stage. But at the outset, it seems to be very difficult to execute on a daily basis, as there is no knowledge of food and its benefits to your body.

lunch ideas for Toddlers

Generally, toddler lunches are arduous to pack. It takes a lot of time in chopping and steaming as well. That’s why I am introducing my favorite lunch ideas, which are going to be easy and healthy. It is going to be helpful in packing lunches more quickly than ever before.

Below are some tasty lunch ideas for the toddlers:

1. A dish of honey, almond butter, and banana

First of all, take 2 slices of a whole –wheat bread with almond butter or with peanut butter. Keep on top 1 bread slice with honey and a layer of banana slices. And cover it with other slices. This dish is very easy to make and beneficial for your kid’s health.

2. Sandwiches

Both the tiffin and sandwich have a strong bonding. Both go hand in hand. So, whenever we talk about tiffin we have to mention sandwich. There are different types of sandwiches we are having right now, such as a chicken sandwich, a ham sandwich, and a simple sandwich. It is very easy to make. It has a simple way to make. It is a delicious and healthy toddler breakfast as well. All the toddlers are fond of sandwiches as there are different kinds of ingredients stuffed in the sandwich. It is going to be a good lunch idea for toddlers

Firstly, take butter and apply it on the slices of bread. Then after, stuff one slice of cheese between two slices of bread. Along with vegetables, keep chicken and ham between slices of bread. You can turn this sandwich into vegetarian by replacing chicken and adding a ham. You can use mayonnaise to add more taste to your sandwich. This is a perfect lunch idea for toddlers.

3. The Steak

Children are generally fond of having chicken. There are many leverages of having chicken in your lunch. Chicken gives your toddler enough protein and stabilizes his body. Every toddler loves eating chicken. I am introducing a new lunch idea is grilled steak. The process of making a grilled steak is very easy, and the ingredients are easily available.


Put a boneless breast piece of chicken in your micro oven and grill it. Then after, cut them into small pieces so that your toddler can be managed easily in the lunchbox. Slice boiled potatoes and carrot and put them in the lunch box as well. Add little boiled peas too. Your chicken steak is ready. This recipe is very easy to prepare and learn.

4. Try hotchpotch:

If you are looking for a novel idea of making hotchpotch, let’s have look at the recipe. It is very easy to prepare and it does not take too much time. It is very easy to digest for toddlers. You can keep in your refrigerator for 1 or 2 days, it is not going to be stale.


Let’s take a glance at making hotchpotch. First of all, take rice flour and boil it for eight or ten minutes. Stir it continuously so that, the mixture does not burn. Cut the chicken into slices, cook them about half an hour and put them into rice flour when it is boiling. Keep it in a low temperature for a few minutes. Add the paste of ginger-garlic, which will definitely satisfy your taste-buds. It is going to be delicious lunch ideas for toddlers.

Ideal Lunch Ideas for Toddlers: 4 Daycare Lunch Ideas

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