Illusions The Fashion Industry Creates Around You

 Shawn stevenson
  Jan 10, 2019
The fashion industry is a vast business which makes millions of dollars by playing with the minds of individuals fooling them to their benefit. Our current society is so image conscious about themselves they’ll do anything, go to the furthest of lengths to gain society’s approval and to keep up with the modern pace of the world. Various brands in this industry cook up various stories or start up random talks which spread like wildfire such as ‘skinny jeans are yesterday’s news, come buy the latest cigarette pants in order to look stylish’. They have major advertising campaigns and use the media to their benefit to influence viewers all over the world to throw away their last month’s clothes and come buy their latest arrival. The competitive individuals we have evolved into no longer even buy the clothes we adore; we have the ridiculous psyche that if he/she has that outfit I have to have it too.

Among the abundant lies we are told, the following are the top 5 lies the fashion industry revolves around.

1. Trends fade away and go out of fashion.

Fashion industry is engineered in such a way that they’re designed to make you feel out of fashion or old school every 2 weeks. No matter what product they launch, they work in a cunning way to make you feel as if your clothes are yesterday’s news and it’s high time you stock up on your new collection. When they’ve managed to lure you into buying their new collection, the cycle will repeat itself and their conniving new advertisements will convey the message that their last collection is out of fad and this is the collection you need to make a bold fashion statement. That’s not true at all, even if your clothes are from last summer there is always a way one can give their old look an amusing twist and mix it up a bit. One could throw in a scarf or a hat with their dress from last fall or throw on a belt to go with their maxi dress. Every new collection denounces the previous one, but you can always put a custom touch to your clothing and breathe new life into your wardrobe.

2. Clothes with higher price tags are the good ones.

They’ve managed to create an illusion in our minds where everyone, even kids under the ages of 12 think clothes that aren’t expensive are not nice. Whenever we go shopping we don’t even bother batting an eye towards clothes that cost less than twenty dollars. Why? Because they’re cheap, which means they’re not that good which leads to us overthinking that nobody probably even buys these clothes, and we have to own what others buy. We don’t want to be seen wearing something this cheap, it’ll be humiliating. That’s how crafty these brands are, I mean this is just preposterous. If you like something, buy it, if you think it complements your body and you look nice then don’t over think it. Who cares what the world says about you, what matters is if you’re content.

3. Discounts are just a hoax.

Ask yourselves one thing, do you actually think that these brands will ever form a sense of morality or kindness in their hearts to offer you discounts. If only the world was so simple, they’re in this to make money and till they don’t squeeze you dry, they won’t consider their job done. Discounts are a lie these brands tell over and over again. Most of these high end fashion brands have outsourced all their manufacturing to third world countries to cut the costs of labor and material; these brands simply slap on their logo and the price shoots up significantly. No matter what happens, the high end retailers do not lose money, so when you are under the illusion that you got a great bargain, in reality, you just shrunk their profits by a bit and nothing more, clever marketing strategy I must say.
Illusions The Fashion Industry Creates Around You

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