Importance of investing in clean energy for improving CSR

 Evie Harrison
  Apr 22, 2018

A long time ago, the only thing that a brand had to do to satisfy its customers was to provide quality products that consumers could rely on. Though the primary goal of businesses is still to offer the best possible service, priorities of customers have changed. According to a study conducted by Cone Communication/ Ebiquity, 91% consumers expect companies to do more than just making a profit.

The research showed the customers all over the world hoped brands to operate responsibly and to address both social and environmental issues. Companies now understand that to stay ahead of the competitors and stand out in the market, they need to improve customer trust and value. It is the primary reason why Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years.

In a nutshell, CSR is an organization’s initiative to assess and take responsibility for its effect on environmental and social wellbeing. The term is used for efforts that are not required by regulators but which are practiced nonetheless to provide clean energy solutions. When a business invests its time and money on CSR and clean energy, it reduces its energy costs, has a high ROI in a short time and helps build a sustainable tomorrow. Other than this, any company that is vested with CSR can also hope to increase sales, boost customer interest and appear unique from the competitors.

Though the specific efforts that go into CSR are a little subjective, there are a few recurring themes that most companies follow. Remember that what you decide to put in depends entirely on you, your company goals and your end customer.

Some of the most common types of responsibilities which are looked over as a part of CSR are

  • Environmental efforts
  • Ethical labor practices
  • Philanthropy
  • Volunteering

One of the most significant changes that companies make is to use clean energy such as solar panels and wind generators to power up their offices and drive the appliances which would have otherwise depended on utility companies.

When an organization uses clean energy as its primary power source, it reduces the company’s carbon footprint and honors its ‘social responsibility.’ As a result, the business doesn’t only demonstrate its investment in the customer’s future but also makes a bold statement about world’s future. Because more and more people are turning towards smart energy today and realizing the benefits it can bring, organizations that invest in clean energy warrant the loyalty of existing customers and establish relationships with new ones.

Though installing solar panels and integrating full-fledge systems into your organization may seem like an unnecessary cost at first, the truth is that doing it will improve your company’s bottom line. When you decide to take this step, you can benefit from the long-term cost reduction and tax returns on installations and the pros will outweigh the benefits.

The truth is that clean energy is the cornerstone of CSR and you won’t be recognized for being a social and environmental active business unless you decide to give it your time, effort and money. Moreover, while these clean solutions will provide you with a way to cut back on the electricity costs, you’ll be able to benefit from a lot more.

The section below lists down a few of the main advantages of becoming a part of CSR

Benefits of investing in clean energy

Pique the customer’s interest

Perhaps the unique bonus you get when you decide to go clean is that you increase the customer’s attention. Companies that invest in solar energy will give way for the community to think of them as a brand that is aware and ready to claim responsibility for its action. You will show the world that you stand for the ethics and values you set and this will make consumers interested because they know that you’re giving back to the environment.

According to stats by Better Business Journey, 88% customers are likely to buy from a business which supports and engages in activities that improve society and surroundings.

Power to leverage change

Companies that adopt CSR have a much higher ability to leverage change as compared to an individual. Though solar sales software does benefit people that are implementing it in their homes, your business will be able to make a much bigger impact on the environment. For example, when concerns were raised about the safety of BPA back in 2008, hundreds of companies started manufacturing products that were free from BPA and other such chemicals.

Sunoco, a major producer of gasoline and chemicals, decided to stop supplying the harmful substances to companies that manufactured baby products like bottles and toys. When changes happen on a large scale, the way industries work shifts, and this gives way to a better environment.

Opportunity for a better tomorrow

Not only does going clean impress your existing customers, but also increases your prospects for the future. Because social pressures have increased, more and more businesses are moving towards this trend that shows no signs of stopping or slowing down.

If you go down in history, you’ll find out that companies that haven’t been quick enough to adapt to change have lagged begin and lost their shares in the market. On the other hand, if you show flexibility and change according to the norms, you will be attracting new customers and reducing the chances of your brand name and reputation going bad. It will also limit the decisions that have a negative impact on the environment.

Employees appreciate socially responsible businesses

Finally, another pronounced profit you will achieve when your company becomes adopts CSR is that you will impress your employees. According to an article in Forbes, the people in your workforce are now looking for more than just a paycheck and benefits. They feel a sense of pride and fulfillment about their work as well as their association with the company.

It is why they often choose organizations that match their own values. A survey conducted by Net Impact showed that employees were even prepared to take a 15% pay-cut if it meant the company could practice CSR.

Any organization that is willing to take a step into CSR must seriously consider investing in clean energy because it is one of the essential tools that will help you set your business up as a user of clean energy.

Importance of investing in clean energy for improving CSR

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