Importance of Reclining Chairs for Healthy Sleep

 Greg May
  Dec 06, 2018


Healthy sleep is an important component of human life. Sleep has direct influence over the mood for the whole day and health for life. Even the most active people need to recover. High-quality rest is, first of all, healthy sleep. It is he who is able to provide a person with vital energy for the whole busy day.

However, you can not only rely on the night rest. It is known that in many cultures a lot of attention is paid to the full relaxation of a person in the workplace during the lunch break. And often not just rest, but even sleep. In Japan, in China, in Spain and in many big United States corporations (for example, Google), lunchtime sleep is strongly encouraged, since after it the employee’s physical activity increases and his mental activity improves. And if in Europe and in Japan special restrooms are created, then in China at lunchtime you can easily stumble upon a sleeping manager right on the lawn near the office. But, of course, the best option for an afternoon nap is a sleeping chair.

Studies have shown that the optimal time for an afternoon nap is 20 minutes. It is during this time that the human brain goes through a short phase of sleep and begins to sink into the deep one. If you sleep more, you can go deep into sleep and then awakening will be painful. 15-20 minutes of sleep will enhance the cognitive abilities of workers, increase productivity and improve mood, and in the longrun will have a good impact on health. An hour of sleep can increase productivity by up to 30%.

If the furniture is planned to be used not only for daytime rest, but also for daily sleep, then it is important to choose that is not just beautiful, but also has orthopedic properties. The furniture manufacturers use the latest technologies and designs to make high-quality furniture models available to everyone. It is a wide range of furniture products presented in furniture stores, but how to choose an orthopedic sofa for yourself? It is important to know a few key points on this purpose.

Reclining chairs as a great solution for taking a daynap

Manufacturers have developed a number of special ergonomic orthopedic models of chairs in which you can relax and unwind during the lunch break. These can be chairs with a retractable footrest or spherical capsule models completely closed from prying eyes. The most modern developments are equipped with an alarm clock, which starts to wake the owner through the time programmed on the timer. Some developers equip designs with a massage device, starting gently shaking the sleeper when it is time to wake up.

In Europe, in public places - for example, at airports and train stations, you can see sleep capsules: special comfortable soft structures in which a person can literally hide from the outside world by pulling a special canopy over his head.

For half an hour, you can have a comfortable nap in a normal office recliner. A recliner is a special seat with a properly designed concept in the field of landing. The seat and back of the chair repeat the movements of the person sitting, and the back leans back to a rather large angle, allowing the person to feel absolute comfort and increased vitality. In the recliner, you can lie back and lie down comfortably. Under the seat is a folding or stand-alone footrest.

If you want to find the best recliner for your home, Bestazy has a great guide on choosing the best recliners.

How did recliners appear?

Recliner chair first appeared in England at the beginning of the 19th century. Modern models have an increased level of comfort. They can raise the foot to stretch the legs and lower the back to take a more comfortable position. Depending on the features of the model, the chair can act as a rocking chair. Virtually all models today are equipped with a swivel base - such models can around its center. Recliners are designed in accordance with the anatomical requirements: multi-layered pillows with elastic support for the waist and head. The back of the chair removes excess tension from the spine. Modern recliners are equipped with options that increase the comfort of use: temperature control, massage mechanisms, an alarm clock.

An alternative - Chair-beds

The concept of a chair for sleep is applicable to the home interior. This category includes a large assortment of a wide variety of chair-beds: traditional, elegant, modern, ergonomic and not very, with orthopedic mattresses and regular ones. Such designs are easily transformed into a single bed. Often such products are intended for unintentional guests and put as an extra spare bed. However, in small apartments and studio apartments, they will be an excellent solution to the problem of a separate bed for a child.

Sleeping on a flat surface, able to adapt to the contours of the body, is not only pleasant, but also very useful. This has a positive effect on blood circulation and contributes to a correct posture.

There are many varieties of designer home furniture in which you can relax a bit in the middle of a workday. These are numerous round chairs or even hammocks and semicircular swings. The popularity of such models is based on the fact that in a circular enclosed space a person feels more protected as if in a mother's womb, falls asleep more quickly and relaxes better. Such models are comfortable for rest, for relaxation, for working on a laptop and, of course, for sleeping.

Importance of Reclining Chairs for Healthy Sleep

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