Importance of Technology in Education for Students all Over the Planet

 Phillip Taylor
  Feb 13, 2018

Find out about using the technology in education and how it affects students. Learn what benefits technology gives students and how to use devices to learn, teach and collaborate.

Article about technology in education

Technology is spreading everywhere at the speed of light. The education sector is not an exception. Nowadays, schools spend around 3 billion dollars in order to provide at least one computer for every five students. This helps students to get work done quicker with a better result. For example, students can quickly download and review a descriptive essay template from the Internet right in the classroom and start working on the paper. This saves time not only for students but for teachers either.

The high-speed Internet allows students to have access to online learning resources that help them to find additional information in order to improve knowledge and skills. During 2015-2016 most tests for elementary and secondary schools have already been done via technology instead of a piece of paper and a pen.

Learning management and student information systems as well as other software is also used to spread assignments, manage schedules and communications and track students’ progress. Nowadays, educational software and applications allow teachers to be more adaptive. Technology helps to define a student's learning process and even his or her emotional state which often affects progress.

10 Reasons for using technology in classrooms

Here we are going to review the most significant reasons why students need technology in a classroom. Review them and see whether you agree that such approach sounds more useful and effective:

  • Special mobile applications, if used smartly, help to prepare students for their career
  • With technology in a classroom, students can improve their digital skills and learn how to use tools in order to achieve goals quicker and more effectively
  • The use of virtual reality technology allows young people to have new experience and use it for the future
  • Technology allows students to use a new model of learning: when using technology, the teacher does not employ a passive method of teaching, the teacher becomes an advisor
  • When students use their own devices or borrow school gadgets, they learn to be responsible and value expensive things
  • New learning technologies open new opportunities for students, teaching them to be more creative and make connections
  • This is the most successful way to connect with students who practice various learning techniques and learn from them
  • With the help of technologies, students improve collaboration skills and learn to interact with their teachers and classmates
  • As long as young people use devices for communication and entertainment, it would be smart to use those devices for learning. Any student will be way happier to have all necessary things like contact numbers, applications, books, videos and education programs on his or her device
  • Access to the fresh and updated information becomes much easier. This will assist students in expanding their knowledge and improving skills.

So now you yourself can assess the effectiveness of using technology in order to gain knowledge.

Outlook for the future of technology in education

Right now a lot of schools use computers to provide education programs and learning techniques. However, some schools already practice using iPad. This tool has already been tested in teaching and learning and it turned out to be good. Maybe during the next few years, learning will take place through Google Glass.

The main problem with an effective education is access. Those students who do not have an opportunity to visit universities and colleges take advantage of distance learning showing amazing results. So it is all about access to learning resources including the Internet and devices. A place to gain knowledge and experience that is useful for life and any future career can be not only a classroom but the Internet where students from all over the world can gather, connect and collaborate.

One of the possible future technology in education can be cloud technology. Why? This technique will allow students to share applications and documents through Google Apps. It makes the process of getting the latest information that is useful for studying very quick whether the students are in the same classroom or in different countries. Such tool will have a great effect because it will help students to share information without the need to meet with each other. This will be especially useful when working on projects.

Freely used, revised and shared learning resources encourage schools and universities to move away from textbooks and choose to adopt them< for example, better access to a wider selection of digital materials. Such way helps teachers to customize instructions for separate classrooms and students. As the result, each student has a great progress and do not feel left behind.

This is the exact century when things are changing and most of them are related to the digital world. Even though all young people utilize devices in order to watch things, read and communicate, they should be instructed how to use their own or borrowed device for the learning purposes.

Importance of Technology in Education for Students all Over the Planet

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