Important Risks Which Every Hosting Client Can Face

 Smriti Sazawal
  Jul 20, 2018

For small or medium sized businesses, managed hosting solutions can be very beneficial. These solutions allow them to cut down on their operational costs and recruitment costs for hiring IT personnel to manage servers. Besides, managed plans will also offer you a high degree of scalability, better security and excellent networking connectivity. So, when you choose dedicated servers, you can expect to get round-the-clock maintenance and supports, better security and maximum uptime guarantees.

But, just like investments in any other field, there are big risks when you choose to invest in a hosting provider. For this, prices should never be the sole criterion for taking a decision. This is because an incorrect choice can prove to be very costly eventually. So, when you are evaluating different managed service providers, you must consider the features they offer, their staff, reliability, customizability and responsiveness. These are some of the risks which you are likely to face when choosing managed hosting solutions:

  • One of the biggest risks to data security is the people managing data and accessing data. Humans can be the most serious threat to data security, whether a leak occurs because of malicious intentions or cyber attacks or basic negligence. So, before signing up with a host for managed dedicated servers you must ask them first about who can access the data, where it is going to be stored and how it will be monitored. You must ask about user authentication protocols the host will follow, how they plan on training employees and how much access will they have after leaving the company.
  • Besides digital security for your data, you must also inquire about physical security. So, ideally your managed hosting provider should deploy stringent security measures like alarms, cardkey entry, secure server racks, surveillance cameras etc.
  • Businesses which are handling sensitive data like medical records of patients and corporate financial data should only choose providers which will comply with HIPAA or PCIDSS standards. Such providers should have high-end security measures like encrypted data storage, backups, dual-factor authentication, vulnerability scanning etc.
  • When choosing dedicated servers for your business you must also ensure that the staff provided by your managed hosting provider is trained and highly qualified. They should be able to offer quality technical supports and keep all systems running optimally. Inaccessible or under-trained staff is not acceptable for businesses paying for managed solutions.
  • When your company has decided to sign up for dedicated servers, you must also inquire about bandwidth capabilities of the provider. Ideally the host data centers must be in areas which are not prone to natural calamities like earthquakes or floods. Besides, the data centers should not be so far away that they cannot be reached in emergencies. The greater the distance, the more is the latency when it comes to data delivery. A key reason to choose dedicated hosting is not to have to deal with shared bandwidth speeds. When you have committed bandwidth, you know you will be given a minimum guaranteed speed. So, your provider should sit down with you at first to discuss your bandwidth needs.
  • Finally, when signing up for dedicated servers from managed hosts you must inquire about the level of reliability the plans can guarantee. You want connectivity which is not only fast but also reliable. So, you need vendors which can offer you redundancy from multiple network carriers.

One should go for the best Dedicated servers with best plans and prices. There is a better option one can easily rely on. But it requires little patiance while looking forward for the best servers in the market. One need to go for various advantages as well as disadvantages while going up for the best hosting plans for Dedicated servers. So, it is best to go for a free trial period from a managed hosting provider if you get the chance. This will help you see for yourself whether you should pay for dedicated servers from them or look elsewhere.

Important Risks Which Every Hosting Client Can Face

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