Improve Your Social Media Marketing Campaign by Avoiding 8 Mistakes

 Nick Piolotto
  May 12, 2018

In the current digital marketing scenario, social media has been infused very deeply. Most business entities are now hiring content writing services for developing better contents to ensure the promotion and build a sustainable brand image.

However, to be successful on the dynamic social media platforms, effective, cutting-edge strategies are to be implemented. Thus, creating and managing social media campaigns have become a full-time job, and a dedicated social media strategist is needed to take care of that.

Without a professional at disposal, there are high chances of making costly mistakes while executing a social media campaign. Here are some of the faults which can occur during an amateurish approach.

Few mistakes to avoid in social media marketing:

social media marketing

1. Underestimating the power of Social Media

Yes! There are still some pre-conceived notions that social media is not appropriate for a certain demographic or business, which is quite wrong. Social media is dominated by the youth section, but the engagement of people from other age groups is also gradually increasing.

Studies revealed that the fastest growing demographic on Twitter belongs to the age bracket of 55 to 64. Another survey showed that 58.6% of American consumers engage with their favored brands on social media multiple times a day.

So, the first mistake to avoid is underestimating the comprehensive power of social media.

2. Avoiding Automation

Don't be afraid to try automation. Successful brands on Facebook post multiple times per day. Also, on Pinterest, they post 30-100 pins and on Twitter, 20-50 tweets per day, which is impossible without automation.

However, you should not blindly automate every post as it would lose the human touch. Also, with help from a social media strategist, make sure the implemented automation keeps symmetry with your overall strategy.

3. Posting once a week

Many people post very less. As a result, the followers of the brand forget them while surfacing through the sea of other brands’ posts on social media.

In today's competitive marketing age, posting once per day is not enough at all. The post frequency should be increased without compromising the content quality.

4. Following back

Following back other social media accounts is not mandatory. One should only follow back an account that is aligned with the interest of the brand. Following accounts with ideologies irrelevant to one’s particular business won’t help in any way.

5. Rules are rigid

When it comes to social media marketing, there are no rules set in stones. You adopt a strategy and implement it. After a while, you evaluate and may find that it's not yielding the best results. In that case, you should definitely change or modify the same for better results.

6. Talking about business

One of the most followed social media marketing tips is to not talk about businesses there as it exhibits desperate promotion. However, one can always share stories regarding the business and how it is gradually becoming a pioneer in its own niche. This could pique the interest of one’s potential clients.

7. What works for others will work for you

There are a lot of marketing strategies which glorify the success of different other brands. Blindly following them may not bring one the same benefits. Make sure these strategies go along with your brand’s vision and mission. Otherwise, seek assistance from a social media strategist to customize it accordingly and keep it aligned with your organization’s goals.

Without having a proper plan of action can lead to waste of time and resources. Approach this as any other marketing campaign. Rather than solely relying on the plans of others, it is better to build a specific and concrete plan of action that outlines the necessary measurements through which you can reach your goal.

8. Assessment isn’t required

After implementing a social media marketing strategy, periodic evaluation of the process is essential. Most of the times, this evaluation process consists of the mere numbers of fans or followers only who are not the key performance indicators. So, one should do one’s assessment with guidance from a social media strategist.

The social media campaigns should also impact the revenues by converting potential leads and showing all-around improvement.

Dealing with social media marketing can be quite challenging as one has to keep up with so many platforms, intricacies of algorithms and sales generating ideas. Mistakes can easily happen if there isn’t an experienced social media marketing agency to guide. Hope, this discussion becomes a supportive guide to dodge some of these mistakes.

Improve Your Social Media Marketing Campaign by Avoiding 8 Mistakes

Nick Piolotto

Nick Piolotto is a proficient copywriter who creates contents adhering to precise SEO standards. With years of experience under his belt, he looks to share his knowledge with a view to simplifying the secrets of effective copywriting techniques.

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