Indoor Games: Play When Stuck Inside the House

 Kevin Brown
  May 31, 2019

Indoor games are played inside the house. Playing indoor games is a good time pass in leisure time. It is a fantastic way to come closer to one another. You can play without any interference of bad weather.

It was fun playing indoor games during childhood. In recent times, we have witnessed massive changes in indoor games. There are many indoor games available. We are going to give a list of indoor games which are loved the most.

Best Indoor Games for Youth:

The indoor games for the youth we are going to introduce to you are very popular amongst the youth. These games give you too much amusement when you are stuck in the house.

All Stars:

Youth loves this indoor game. In this game, a piece of paper is distributed to all participants and be advised to draw a self- picture on the given paper. Everybody is supposed to mention their names on the drawn paper. After completing the task, the drawn portrait is fixed on the wall.

The second task of this game is very interesting. In this task, each person should write positive aspects for each person on their self-portraits. It is a very cost-effective indoor game. You can play at night also. The biggest advantage of playing this game is to know one another closely.

Animal Farm:

It is a fun activity. In this indoor game, your group is divided into a smaller group. Each person is given a card or post. There is the name of a farm animal on it. To find out the group they are supposed to sound like an animal from their card. And gather into the group based on their animals. Other variations are included to make a game interesting such people are blindfolded or making different types of animal’s sounds. It is the best indoor game for youth.

Blanket Volleyball:

It is not a volleyball game but it is near to the concept of normal volleyball. You can set up a mini ground in the home. All the team should line up the edge of the blanket. The game will start by placing the ball on the blanket. The serving team will start the game. Loose the blanket then make it tight so it throws the ball over the net. The opposite team will use the blanket to catch the ball and throw it back


Chess is one of the most engaging indoor games. It is played between two people. Chess does not only give entertainment but also improves your thinking power. The chess is included in the Olympic Games. Youth can keep their mind cautious by playing chess.

Build a Bridge:

It is a simple indoor game. The participants are divided into 3 or 4 groups. Each group is provided a building kit and a bowl of water. Each group is allocated 30 minutes to build a bridge to reach across the bowl of water.

After 30 minutes of your construction, you are supposed to show the strength of your bridge. The pebbles are added on your bridge to test the durability of your bridge. The process of adding pebbles will continue until the bridge falls down. The team whose bridge last longer during the process is declared a winner and the team with the weakest bridge is looser.

Best Indoor Games for Teenagers:

Teenagers are always in search of entertainment. They always try to keep themselves amused in their leisure time. So we are going to give you a list of a few indoor games for teenagers.

Sing the Lyrics:

It is a very simple and entertaining indoor game for teenagers. This game is played between two teams. In this game, you are supposed to write song lyrics with some lyrics missing on the papers. The players from the opposite team are supposed to fill those song lyrics in the blanks. The team that gets more answers right than its rival is a winner.

I Never Ever:

Candy is the main highlight of this indoor game. In this game, each player is given an equal amount of candies. Make them sit down in a circle. The players should start the game chanting a phrase “I never ever” The player who does this has to eat one candy. The player who eats all the candies is awarded a winning trophy.

Winding up

The indoor games can inspire you to stay ahead of the competition in every field. These games are both inspirational and entertaining. Such games help develop a good relationship with others.

Indoor Games: Play When Stuck Inside the House

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