Insider Trucker Tips on Where To Buy the Best Semi Truck Accessories

 Steve Charli
  Aug 22, 2019

When you drive a truck, it is something of a home on wheels, especially if you drive long-haul routes. While many truck cabs can be nice and surprisingly spacious, few are going to perfectly fit your driving style or needs. Getting some top-notch accessories can help you enjoy the driving experience a little more.

Whether you want to get something practical like a truck window shade or something fun like a new hood ornament, you want to know you’re getting the best items. Below is some guidance on shopping for the best accessories and where to find them.

Qualities of a Top Semi Truck Accessory Retailer

While there are many retailers that offer semi-truck accessories, not all are equal. As you look for the right place to buy from, these are a few of the characteristics you should look for:

  • Great Selection: There are so many options available for semi-truck accessories. Select a retailer that can offer you everything from chrome parts to fridges to truck window shades. There’s no need to shop around when one retailer can offer you everything you need at great prices.
  • Free Shipping: In today’s business world, free shipping is becoming a must-have. While not every retailer offers it, you can always find one that does. There’s no reason to waste extra money getting your new semi-truck accessories shipped to you.
  • Competitive Prices: Driving a truck can be a lucrative career. Nonetheless, we all have budgets to work with and good prices on accessories can help make that budget go further. Look for a seller that have consistently competitive prices.
  • Fun and Functional Items: Sometimes we need practical items like LED marker lights for trucks and safety vests. Other times we want fun options like chrome bumpers and hood ornaments. Find a retailer that can offer you a selection of both fun and functional items.
  • Options for Every Budget: Whether you are starting out in the industry or a well-paid veteran, you want to find something that works for your budget. Some sellers only cater to price-sensitive customers. Others only sell high- priced products. The best retailers can satisfy both.
  • Exceptional Service: We all need help with our purchases sometimes. Top-end sellers offer exceptional customer service. This makes buying the best accessories for your semi-truck easier than ever.

Shopping for Great Items

When you are looking for accessories, make sure to take your vehicle into consideration. For example, you may want to add a seat cover. Make sure to

get one that will properly fit your seat and truck cab. You can find specific Peterbilt, International and Freightliner seat covers as well as options for other brands.

The same goes for many other items you may get. For example, there’s no use buying a fancy new fridge if it won’t fit or a chrome bumper if it can’t attach correctly.

Find the Best Accessories

There are many semi-truck accessory retailers out there. However, if you want one that checks all the above boxes and has a consistently high-quality catalog, check our Iowa 80. Take a look at some of the options and find some accessories that will make your next trucking route a little more enjoyable.

Top Semi-Truck Accessories to Make Your Life Comfortable

Life en route as a semi-truck driver implies the opportunity to get out and see the country. It likewise means being some of the convenience of home that makes our lives comfy. That is the reason having semi-truck accessories installed in your big rig can have a major effect on the quality of your ride.

Texas Chrome Shop in Atascosa, TX, is devoted to helping truckers capitalize on their experience in the driver's seat. That is the reason they offer and install the industry's premier truck parts, tires, and semi-truck accessories.

In case you're looking to make your life comfortable on the road, here are the topmost semi-truck accessories to do exactly that:

Mini Fridge

A 12-volt mini fridge chest is an ideal alternative for commercial truckers. It enables you to have cold beverages prepared regardless of how a long way from a rest stop you are. It additionally encourages you to live healthier by having a spot to stock up on healthy food and bites.


Similar to the mini-fridge, having a 12-volt microwave in your rig will enable you to have alternatives to eat healthier when you need, where you want. This is the ideal accessory for heating up frozen dinners and other food items you have packed.

Semi-truck accessories TV

Sometimes you simply need to relax and watch some TV. That is the reason a 12-volt TV is the ideal semi-truck accessory to relax when taking a break from driving. You can even get a going with DVD player to watch your favorite motion movies and television shows on demand.

Mattresses and Bedding Accessories

No one can really tell when you require an inexpensive sleeping solution. Equipping your cabin with a full sleeper set or a mattress, pillows and the proper bedding accessories ensures that you won't break your budget or risk driving while sleepy.

Insider Trucker Tips on Where To Buy the Best Semi Truck Accessories

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