Instagram - An Unbeatable Social Media Platform for The Fashion Industry

  Aug 24, 2017

There was a time when an Instagram post about a fashion show was considered to be a gimmick. The business owners dealing with fashion industry used the platform to post the visual contents to create a stir amidst the audience and attract the attention. However, in modern days, a lot has changed. It is no more a mere publicity stunt to use the Instagram posts. For the fashion industrialists, Instagram posts have become a serious business. Many may wonder why Instagram has become an unbeatable social media platform for the fashion industry. In fact, Instagram has not only become the most popular social media platform for fashion brands, but it has almost redefined the entire fashion industry.

Ever increasing popularity in the field of fashion

It requires no reiteration that the popularity of Instagram has grown rapidly ever since its inception. However, the way the world of fashion embraced Instagram is worth noting. Yes, the speed with which the popularity of Instagram escalated in the fashion world raised almost everyone's eyebrow. However, there is nothing inscrutable. After the inception of many social media platforms, there was a gap that was to be filled, and Instagram just did that. Yes, the desire and need of storytelling through visuals duly got fulfilled through Instagram. Besides quality and comfort, what fashion emphasizes is the style of appearance, and Instagram proves to be the right platform where the followers for Instagram and viewers can see the appealing visuals of the fashions and styles to their satisfaction.

The words may create curiosity and excitement, but what actually satisfies the heart is visual. Instagram just does that as it presents the highly appealing visuals of the fashion brands. By looking at the visuals of the fashion brands, you can imagine how you would look in that particular outfit. Briefly speaking, Instagram, with its visuals, enables you to decide to finalize what type of fashion and style you want to follow.

Various ways Instagram is influencing the fashion world and its marketing

Since the inception of Instagram, the increasing interest of fashion marketers towards it has changed significantly. Though not everything can be discussed in details, a few most salient ways of Instagram changing the fashion marketing can be seen here in the below paragraphs:

  • The merger of Offline and Online Fashion Events: Instagram has come to play a significant role as far as the fashion shows are concerned. Using the hashtags on Instagram, the designers promote their designs during the fashion events. The fans, followers, clients, bloggers, and reporters all get engaged if sharing is done through Instagram hashtags. The online and offline promotion of fashion events before and after the event facilitates greater engagement of almost everyone concerned with the fashion. The particular designs or the brands then go a step further through emails, advertisements, and blogs.
  • Blogs with images captivate audience: Blogs have always been one of the dominant mediums of marketing. The addition of images has further made it more efficient. Many may opine that the visuals have taken the place of the authoritative contents of the blogs now. However, in reality, it is not so. In fact, the images have reinforced the contents of the blogs rather than replacing them. And, Instagram provides the perfect platform to carry out the marketing activities through the meticulous combination of blog contents and visuals.
  • Repurposing the fashion pieces - You would not like to be photographed twice with the same outfit if you are a real fashionista. The fashion and selfie loving people have now grown more curious to repurpose a fashion piece to match with different ensembles. Instagram provides the right platform to satiate such desires and curiosities.
  • Use of the images of fans on Instagram: The fashion retailers have now found a new and effective way of marketing through the pictures of the fans. With Instagram, it has become easier for almost all followers for Instagram to become an amateur photographer. The retailers know what wonders a fan's image can do if it is brought to the Instagram platform. The images of the fans, in a way, enable the customers more easily connect themselves with the fashion pieces.

Need to steer the traffic towards the Instagram profile

The number of Instagram is steadily escalating, and so are the fashion brands and retailers. The mere presence of the Instagram profile is not sufficient. It is highly essential to steer the traffic towards your Instagram profile and the fashion website. Without this, it would be quite a tough task to sustain amidst the ever intensifying competition. However, it is not a complex or Herculean task. Even the new Instagram fashion marketers can conveniently add the link to the Instagram and steer the traffic towards their fashion websites driving more sales. If you know not how to do it, you can follow the instructions below:

  • Adding links to Instagram Stories: Besides clicking photographs, editing, and sharing the stories, it is also highly essential to add links to the stories if you desire to reach out to the larger masses of the audience. It is pretty straightforward and easy to add links. Once you click photo or video, edit and upload it and add stickers and filters, you can click the ‘Link' button at the top and enter or paste the URL of your fashion site. You can then add a Call to Action.

Keeping the audience engaged

It is not quite easy to keep the audience engaged. Sharing interesting and exciting stories, understanding the behavior and buying patterns of the followers for Instagram, providing them what they want, rendering incentives, creating email lists and sending them messages and newsletters need to be persistently done if you desire to get success in fashion marketing.

Instagram, thus, has not only proven to be the incomparable online platform for fashion marketing but in the real sense, it has redefined the entire fashion industry. No fashion marketer can afford to not resort to this thriving platform in the present fashion world.

Instagram - An Unbeatable Social Media Platform for The Fashion Industry


Harris Scott, an experienced social media marketer, supports and guides the users or followers for Instagram to use the platform to their advantage. In this article, he shares valuable information about how Instagram has proven to be an unbeatable platform for fashion marketing and how a fashion marketer can harvest the benefits from Instagram.

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