Internet TV (IPTV) - Changing The World of Television

 Shubham Tiwari
  Apr 18, 2017

With the invention of the Internet of Things (IoT), the definition of television (TV) has been completely changed. What we used to understand in our childhood with the term TV was a square-shaped device which had a fixed set of programs on a fixed set of channels.

But, today we can watch our favorite plays, games, movies, news, etc. at our convenience. This is all because of the TVs with the Internet connection - Connected TVs.

IPTV App Development

Connected TV is IPTV

According to sources, billions of media players are developed and integrated with the Internet based traditional TVs. Having said that, most cable service providers also plan to offer digital content without compromising their existing channel programs.

Connected devices refer to Internet TVs. Whether the devices are connected with the help of Ethernet or Wi-Fi or maybe both, it opens up the opportunities for the TV to connect to the home network. So, a TV connected with the Internet is said to be the IPTV.

Today, people love the convenience and this is the reason why the use of the PC or tablet like applications has increased tremendously. It continuously enhancing the user experience since its invention. Thus, there is a huge increase in the use of Internet Protocol television (IPTV).

IPTV sooner to be Personalized IPTV

Let’s talk about the latest Smart TVs like Android TV. Recently, I discussed about the major benefits of the Android TV that allows businesses to think of investing in their coming years. Android TV has the capacity to stream digital media and also offer digital content using applications. Also, having a Google Play Store and voice search functionality configured, this TV becomes the 1st choice of the audience.

However, IPTV already comes with a feature that offers recommended content based on the user’s past experiences. But, with the saying that IoT will connect everything and anything to everything, we can imagine the generation of TV will reach.

In the coming years, we can see a major difference in the IPTV that they have integrated smart sensors that delivers the content as per your current mood. Also, they recognize the time that you’d switched on/off the TV and would wish you accordingly. Say for example, imagine you’ve just back from your work and switch on the TV, the IPTV will recommend you to check the day’s news and while switching off, it wishes a Good Night. This will give you a sense of your TV being personal to you.

TVs - Challenges of the Broadcasters

With the increasing of IPTV App Development, the TV industry will become completely consumer-driven. TVs will work according to their preferences depending on their schedules, plans and other activities.

Following are the points broadcasters would need to work upon in the coming years:

  • Broadcasters would need to work on new consumer-centric plans and strategies as most of the consumer-centric companies have already started investing in developing IPTV applications.

  • They would also need to think about whether they would need to invest in partnerships to compete with the other digital experience providers.

  • Also, it will become highly important for them to invest in Big Data. This will not only help them to understand their audiences well, but also provide them the detailed personalized data.

  • One major challenge for them would be to think about their infrastructure in order to implement these consumer-centric personalized digital content.

Wrapping Up

The Internet of Things (IoT) challenges each and every area of our world to make it a “smart world”. This has already started affecting various industries, especially Television industry. Also, most of the countries like US, UK, etc. is already moving towards IPTV and with decreasing cost of the service providers, IPTV will be the most trending topic in other countries as well. So, with IPTV coming into great demand, it seems that it will completely change the way we used to watch TVs.

Internet TV (IPTV) - Changing The World of Television

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