Investing in gold? facts you should know

  Feb 27, 2018

With talks of market volatility and uncertainty in the stock market, many people are wondering about investing in gold versus traditional retirement savings. If you are looking to grow and protect your nest egg for now and into the future, here is what you need to know about a Gold IRA Rollover:

Benefits of Gold over Traditional Investing

Gold, and other precious metals, have been used for ages as money and reliable stores of value. While the recent advent of paper money meant that your "savings" could be devalued or inflated at any moment, gold as always served as safe way to hedge against disaster. You can physically put your hands on gold, unlike stocks. And you can enjoy deferred taxes on the gold you own as well if you place them in an IRA.

Gold holds its value long term in a steady fashion, giving you protection against inflation and peace of mind. Gold has real tangible value, being used in technology (phones, computers, medical devices), as currency (many governments hold gold reserves) and of course jewelry.

Because gold has reflective properties, is very malleable, and does not rust, it will be a sound investment well into the future. This has led people to wonder if they can reduce risk in their IRAs by "rolling over" into a gold IRA account:

What is a Gold IRA Account?

A Gold IRA is like a regular IRA account, but with added benefits. When you add precious metals, like gold, to your account, it gives you wealth diversification. This protects your retirement assets in the event of an economic collapse. In addition, you actually have the control over your IRA account.

For investors who want to protect their nest egg and control it, it can be a great option.

What is a Gold IRA Rollover?

A 401k to Gold IRA rollover could be a great investment move. If you already have a 401k, you can actually roll it over into a Gold IRA typically without much hassle. The law lets you roll it over or transfer from an IRA. Other plans you can do this with include a 401a, 403b, 457, and TSP.

This allows you own physical gold in your portfolio, or purchase mining shares (in companies that mine gold), ETFs (stock baskets that own gold), and other investment products. Many people prefer the physical Gold IRA because of the safety and protection it provides in diversifying their portfolio.

Using professional specialists, you can learn how to move a 401k to gold without a penalty. They can also guide you through the best gold IRA rollover for your specific situation.

It may also be possible to a partial rollover, called a "in-service rollover." This involves moving just a portion of your funds from your employer 401k into a self-directed IRA.

Can You Invest in Gold with a Roth IRA?

Yes. With certain options, you can buy physical gold with assets from a 401k. To convert your IRA to physical gold, you can purchase gold bullion. The way it typically works is that you fill out some paperwork. This paperwork allows you to transfer money from one retirement account to another.

There is a 60 day rollover option that puts your service provider as the trustee in the situation. They will then be mailed a check once you receive your check from your current IRA. There would be no penalty or taxes if you did it within the 60 days.

With a few simple phone calls, forms to fill out, and questions to answer, you can select the kind of Gold IRA you prefer. You do indeed own all of your physical metals. You don't just get a certificate, which is a piece of paper that becomes worthless in times of crisis.

Your gold will be stored in a depository that is approved by the IRS. If you are 59.5 or older, then you can start taking distributions and either have those converted into more physical metal or take the amount depending on what the IRS dictates the going rate is at the time.

This process of transferring your old IRA into a new IRA, with gold and silver, can take as little as three days. The sooner you do it, the sooner you can enjoy peace of mind that your investments and your nest egg are secure for you and your family.

When it comes to investing safely in a way that protects your retirement, there are strategies you can implement to enjoy less risk and longer term value against inflation. You don't have to suffer at the whims of the stock market. With a few simple steps and the right professionals guiding you, you can have a Gold IRA set up that gives you peace of mind and the right platform to have a great retirement.

Investing in gold? facts you should know


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