Is Artificial Intelligence(AI) Overtaking Software Development?

 Chirag Thumar
  Sep 14, 2017

Artificial intelligence or AI is the next happening thing that is being spoken about across all industries. Every product across various industries is evolving based on the technologies that are the latest in the market. And so, one can survive if and only when they are at par with the changes and based on how well they can adapt themselves.

Is AI Overtaking Software Development

Talking about AI, it is indeed creating ripples and one has to consider its inclusiveness in the coming years or rather start discussing how it will affect and impact the systems development life cycle [SDLC] as a whole.

As a developer using AI can build better and faster software such as advanced machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing and business rules. All that a good developer is required to do is, write smart, good algorithms so that these applications are able to self-learn and self-code. Predicting what is next is the key point that makes it different and how quickly it predicts and responds to the user requirements. So this is basically what data analysis is all about.

Debugging is completely at a different level and requires a complete makeover. As of today, it's the code that gets tested for its logic. There are debugger tools that go over the code to find bugs and errors. But with AI coming into existence, the whole concept of testing needs to change.

An application will be tested based on its intelligence level -- How did one arrive at a particular decision? How did a conclusion happen? And why didn't a conclusion happen as expected or wanted? Adding to this, the post production debugging and bug fixing will be faster and quicker in supporting the root cause analysis. AI will, in fact, pinpoint the production bugs and remedies faster, and with greater confidence and thus automating the decision of what to build next and how to test it.

Considering the above-said pointers, a complete makeover might be required from the SDLC perspective. There might not be a complete elimination of developers or testers as that would still take a while but yes, definitely there will be an impact in the resource per say. One has to empower themselves to add value to the business and technology than being a simple developer. That is the only way to catch up with the emerging technology and being on par with it.

However, it is just the beginning of AI and there is a long way for it to really go far and beyond. There are certainly a few catches that hold the AI and that is where the human intervention is a mandate and definitely out does the intelligence of the artificial one. AI cannot analyze complex codes better than a human but yes, it really does a good job in data analysis and a few related tasks.Software Development companies around the world are now moving for AI to attain more growth, speed, and performance than now!

All said and done, if one could replace human emotions and empathize with the same, maybe we have really achieved a level that was expected. AI can only be a part of the evolving and emerging technology but definitely cannot be a replacement. Apparently, the value comes when AI has the ability to think and act beyond what confines humans thought, unearthing what humans are missing or cannot see.AI impact will be very important in Software Development and the role of AI will be extended in creating the digital future.

This gives a logical conclusion of SDLC, it is not about feeding inputs and getting expected outputs. Teams across the phase need to embrace the unexpected and focus more on the unknown than the known. There will be significant cultural changes and job responsibilities, skill shifts/ skill makeover in an extremely unanticipated way. But yes, definitely the workflow, team productivity, and software quality will for sure increase.

Is Artificial Intelligence(AI) Overtaking Software Development?

Chirag Thumar

Chirag Thumar is a Software Developer in Nexsoftsys which is a Software Development Company in India. Chirag Thumar likes to write and read technical blogs and he wrote many posts on AI, Bigdata, Haddop, QA, Testing etc.

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