Is the Cloud a Reliable Storage Method?

 Jenn Livingston
  May 07, 2018

While it's a relatively new invention, cloud storage has been under scrutiny in the past few months. Every company wants assurance that its sensitive data will be safe and reliable before entrusting it to a third party for storage. Hackers are increasingly devising scare tactics to undermine how consumers perceive cloud storage. However, cloud storage ranks among the safest data storage methods in today's ever-evolving business environment.

If the Cloud-Based Storage is Safe, How Do Hacks Happen?

Recent polls have shown a drastic drop in the use of cloud storage following the recent attack on Apple's iCloud. Over time, cloud users felt more vulnerable and began to question the safety of their sensitive information. The headlines said that Apple's iCloud was hacked, creating an avenue for hackers to steal nude photos from users private accounts. While these photos indeed leaked from the personal accounts of the victims, the media never reported that Apple's iCloud wasn't hacked. Instead, the breach occurred due to the vulnerabilities in the victim's password security system. Apple's security system could allow hackers to guess security questions and passwords of the victims. In fact, the cloud itself was never breached.

How Cloud Protects Your Confidential Data?

Encryption is always the front line of a security system for any cloud-based data storage method. Cloud providers such as Confluent utilizes complex algorithms to keep your sensitive data secure. As such, fraud detection with Confluent is much easier than the use of tracking devices. In fact, hackers need the encryption key to decipher encrypted files. While that doesn't mean encrypted files can't be deciphered, decryption requires a lot of time, forensic software, and computing power. The only way to keep critical data 100% safe is to keep it a secure safe beneath the ground. Cloud storage utilizes more complex algorithms than on-site servers, providing an added layer of defense to your sensitive data.

How Can You Safeguard Your Cloud-Stored Data?

You and your cloud provider are responsible for keeping your data secure. Vulnerabilities such as poor security systems can give hackers access to your private data. You can conceal your cloud-stored data by creating different passwords for all your platforms. You can add symbols, numbers, and letters to your password to make it harder for hackers to guess. Moreover, avoid passwords that in any way relates to your background information. Cybercriminals are likely to know your address, phone number, your car's model, and your favorite soccer team. Data security has become a concern in today's digital era. While data security options aren't readily available, they exist. Options such as military-grade encryption allow users to encrypt and lock up their data using distinct specification. You can also share your files with cloud providers that use a key management system to view your files. In fact, the most significant concern with cloud storage isn't cyber-related attacks, but data loss.

Reliability of Cloud Storage

Your data might still be safe even after the cloud storage it's stored in crashes. However, that doesn't do much to protect your sensitive data in the event of cloud service outage. Cloud storage protects your files from computer meltdowns, fires, hurricane, and floods. However, it's still exposed to risks in the sense that you entrust your confidential data to a third-party system. You don't have to stick to your local cloud services since cloud storage has no geographical limits. As such, it's important to research thoroughly before selecting a cloud provider. Cloud storage is a little safer and reliable than on-site servers when companies use it in tandem with other forms of storage. Data loss is the most significant concern with cloud storage, not hacks. However, you can eliminate that concern by using the cloud as a files sharing platform instead of a storage system. For example, you can store shared files into Google Drive so that you can retrieve them quickly through other platforms when they get lost.

Is the Cloud a Reliable Storage Method?

Jenn Livingston

As a professional in the Real Estate industry, I have used different kinds of databases and it is important to know whether it is safe to use them or not.

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