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 Ghanshyam Pandya
  Jan 24, 2018

Organized by: Dr. Cheryl White, President & Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator of Conflict Coaches

Mission & History:

The Conflict Resolution Champions Club (CRCC) officially began January 2018 and is the official project of Dr. Cheryl White for the purpose of exposing individuals to the means of Conflict Analysis Dispute Resolution. The CRCC recognizes that for many the world seems all messed up, trouble in their homes, workplace, school, just everywhere. The CRCC is open to talking it through with its viewers weekly, to reinforce to the best methods of dealing with their cycles and seasons of life. And, in so doing, helping them to live, in spite of the confusions all around them, productively. There are available some Points below:

The CRCC has a number of practical purposes:

  • To educate people as to the benefits and importance of Conflict Analysis Dispute Resolution, as well as exposing them to the various ideologies, theory, and practices within the field
  • To raise awareness of sensitive topics, that need to be addressed
  • To keep everyone informed of practicum, and community opportunities available to them
  • To raise awareness of the value of mediation Initiatives, arbitration initiatives, and negotiation initiatives, and to help individuals who may need a Coach, but cannot afford one
  • To discuss matters concerning local, national and international conflicts

e CRCCaim is to make an impact on the local community and service to others, by allowing meaningful dialogue each month, via live Zoom meetings, facilitated by experts in various fields. resolution. Active, paid, members will receive an exclusive in-road for obtaining:

a) VIP Pass for you to participate in our live monthly webinar

b) Monthly Newsletter

c) CD'S on specific topics will be mailed to you monthly

d) Training from featured speakers that are experts in the field of conflict resolution and mediation

e) Participating in discussions with other individuals in similar situations

Active members who continue to participate in the Zoom activities will find they are more equipped to handling new challenges, to serve others, and help the community. This will be one of the best decisions you can ever make to take control of your life. Do it now! Go to

Are You Ready to control Your Life? tart with join our champion club and take your life control. - PAY your $29.99 fee which is less than paying for a ballgame, less than bleacher seats with early advantage pricing and tax deductibility tickets. It’s Only$29.99 monthly.

Dr. White’s newest club aimed at individuals interested in resolving conflict through mediation, arbitration, and negotiation. The Conflict Resolution Champions Club is designed to offer support, insight, and strategies to help our subscribers learn to cope, overcome and resolve the conflicts they are facing in their lives. Every month, our members participate in a live Zoom meeting facilitated by experts in the field of conflict resolution.

They also receive a CD recording of the month and our monthly newsletter which is filled with tips and resources for their personal development and growth. If you're listening and you're tired of struggling alone, and you want to receive the support of conflict resolution experts, then join our Conflict Resolution Champions Club for only $29.99 per month.

Membership also offers YOU the opportunity to build on your life’s experience and get some hands-on, practical training in the field of conflict resolution. WHAT’S TAKING YOU SO LONG? JOIN NOW!

If your attitude, results, or happiness is to ever improve, you must exercise the painful discipline required for “weeding out” the garden of life. We will help you to change the negative conversations, cancel the non-essential appointments in your life. We will guide you into boldness…being willing to face failures and circumstances. Call us.

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You never want to miss a discussion. Each discussion could help you resolve a situation.

It is Really amazing and Affordable.

Join NOW... The Conflict Resolution Champions Club

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