Keeping Your Business Secure: The Top Business Security Tips

 Alice Johnson
  Jul 14, 2019

Did you know that nearly 9% of businesses experience some sort of burglary or theft? It could be a tiny proportion, but there is no reason that can’t be your business.

The risk becomes more apparent when you include the Internet aspect, with up to a whopping 70% of businesses having been hit by some form of a cyber-attack. Want to know something else? About 60% of small businesses close down after a major hacking incident.

As already stated, your business can well end up being a part of these grim statistics, which means you need to stay vigilant at all times. If you put adequate measures in place, the risk of a falling victim is reduced significantly.

But how do you do that? What are these measures?

Well, in this post, you will learn about different business security tips that you can use to safeguard your business from both offline and online attacks right.

Different Business Security Tips That You Can Use to Safeguard Your Business

1. Eliminate Dark Zones

Any exterior or interior parts of your building with less than enough light are potential hideouts for any person with malicious intent. And there is absolutely no reason you should leave them that way. I mean, would you even be comfortable navigating those spaces?

So, make sure your facility is adequately lit at all the points that matter. Lighting improves the security level by a huge margin. After all, what kind of criminal will strike when he/she has nowhere to hide?

2. Be Keen on Entry Points

More often than not, criminals access their target places just like everyone else – via entry points.

So, being keen on what goes on here can help stop them in their tracks. And some will keep off if they note a serious degree of scrutiny.

It all starts with ensuring these points have bright lights. This complements the wireless cameras you will put up as everything that goes on can be seen clearlybusiness tips

As an added measure, all entry points should be the only ways by which your premises can be accessed. Someone shouldn’t be able to walk in randomly from any other point.

3. Don’t Put Up With Loitering

You want to make sales, fine. And being as welcoming as possible can go a long way in achieving this.

But should you just allow every other bloke to idle on your premises? Absolutely not.

Be categorical about how long a prospective can stay around without buying anything and look out any suspicious behavior like restlessness and failure to maintain eye contact among others.

But that doesn’t mean shooing away anyone who stays for a second longer than you would expect without buying. Just keep a close watch and show them the door if they don’t seem to grab anything for a long stretch of time.

4. Trimming Hedges Helps

Hedges make for some nice anesthetics, the trimmed ones, that is.

Do you know what else they do?

They signal to the outside world that you are an organized entity, which means criminals will think twice before staging some dirty play.

The same can’t be said about wildly-growing hedges. This points to a business run with reckless abandon, which, in essence, is super-attractive to would-be burglars.

5. Consider Steel Reinforcements

The door is always the first consideration in case of a break-in. It's only natural, right?

Though you can lock up, doors are the easiest ways through which a building can be accessed – if they can be tampered with.

And the material determines how hard or easy this is.

Want a foolproof door? A steel-reinforced one is your best bet. Being one of the strongest metals around, steel can withstand any attempts to shatter it when you’ve closed down for the night.

6. Keep firewalls Up to date

It’s a good call to have firewalls running on your computers. Good job, you understand the importance of cybersecurity.

But what good does it do to have outdated security programs protecting your systems?

If anything, they can end up being the very enablers of what they are supposed to prevent. Vulnerabilities in programs come out over time, and firewalls are no different. But updates eliminate this.

7. Watch Out for Cryptojacking

Cryptocurrencies have been all the buzz for a couple of years now.

But with them, there has come a new opportunity for hackers to mess around with people’s systems – crypto jacking. Basically, it entails the use of your CPU (without your approval, of course) to mine digital coins like Bitcoin and Ripple.

Being such a power-intensive process, this is sure to increase your electricity bill over time in addition to slowing down your computers.

Installing browser extensions meant to block this malpractice can help big time.

Check out this article about security for a deeper understanding of this new frontier in cybercrime.

8. Be Wary of Opening Random Email Attachments

Email is such a favorite among hackers that a vast majority of malware is spread through this important communication channel – up to 92% as per a study carried out by Verizon.

That’s why you can’t afford to play second fiddle with the attachments that land into your inbox. An attachment from a completely new email address? You're better off not looking at it.

But you can rest easy if you have a credible antivirus. This greatly helps the situation.

9. Utilize the Cloud

You just never know what might happen to your premises in the next few minutes, days, or years. Maybe a fire or theft. Furthermore, your systems could get compromised by malware or a hacker.

That’s why it’s not the best of ideas to keep your very vital information only on your hard drives.

Take control of the situation by backing up this important data in the cloud where it will always be available no matter what.

10. Always Be Cleaning Up Former Employees’ Accounts

When an employee has left, he/she ceases to be a trustee of company information. For that, former employees must have their access completely removed.

And that means their accounts and passwords must go. Because you never know just what they might decide to do with them, especially when you parted under not-so-good circumstances.

Final Thoughts on Business Security Tips

Are you ready to secure your business? I’m sure you do. It’s every business owner’s wish to keep their business as secure as possible– both offline and online.

Use the above business security tips to achieve this.

Keeping Your Business Secure: The Top Business Security Tips

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