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  Jul 09, 2018

If you live in Hyderabad and are planning for a trip to Kerala, go through the best Kerala tour packages from Hyderabad. Here are the top 7 places that must be included in your tour package or be in your itinerary list.

  1. Kovalam:

When you think of Kerala, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? A common and popular image of Kerala is the one in which there are gleaming sandy beaches of Kerala, with soft waves in some places and with thrashing waves in other parts. What adds to the beauty is the long line of coconut palms that fringe the coasts of Kerala lying next to the Arabian Sea. This image can be encountered live in the Kovalam beach.

This is the most popular beach in Kerala that you must visit. From beaches for local visitors or day visitors to private beaches for luxurious resorts, there are many options for the tourists and travelers. Depending on your choice, need, budget and preference, you can choose if you would like to spend a few days in Kovalam and enjoy bathing in the sea or you would like to have a day trip there from a nearby city, is entirely up to you.

  1. Munnar:

Now that you have seen the seashores, it is time to visit the mountain hills of Munnar. One of the most beautiful hill stations not only in Kerala but also the entire country, Munnar is a favorite for honeymoon couples. The weather is extremely pleasant for the most part of the year. Only during monsoon, it is a little difficult to enjoy trekking or hiking. But if your budget is low and you simply want to enjoy the natural beauty of the tea plantations, the mountain hills covered with a green blanket and the freshness of rain, the monsoon is not a bad time.

  1. Alleppey:

One of the places to visit in Kerala that you must not miss is Alleppey. This place is a wonder in itself. The entire region is the backwater of the Arabian Sea that has given life to a variety of flora and fauna. The most interesting attraction of this place is the houseboat. The Alleppey houseboats are beautiful, huge, well decorated and a must stay place when you are in Kerala.

Unlike any other houseboats in the country, the Alleppey houseboats move and they move quite fast. Visit the interesting and unique corners of the backwaters and experience the wonderful, simple and rustic life of the people who live here. The small kids going to schools by water taxis, rice paddy fields on the banks and women washing clothes or cooking in their houses on the banks is a serene experience that cannot be expressed through words.

  1. Trivandrum:

When you visit a state, you must visit its capital city and for Kerala, it is Trivandrum, traditionally known as Thiruvananthapuram. Visit the Padmanabha Swami Temple regardless of whether you are a religious person or not. There is a certain charm in this temple that will mesmerize you. The architecture is not to be missed. The art galleries and the Travancore style architecture in Kuthiramalika Palace Museum are also to be visited here.

  1. Thekkady:

To enjoy the natural beauty of Kerala, the Periyar River and the flora and fauna that survives based on this river, you must visit the Thekkady Wildlife Sanctuary. There are lots of adventurous trips that are organized in this place for nature lovers. Also, the boating rides are amazing that kids to elders, everyone will enjoy.

Amongst the many places to visit in Thekkady, the Periyar Tiger Trail, Periyar National Park, Thekkady Lake etc. are most important. If you are looking for some interesting activities, go for bamboo rafting and border hiking.

  1. Guruvayoor:

If you are a religious person and want to encounter the grandest religious festival in Kerala, you must visit Guruvayoor. This 10-day long festival is grand in every sense of the word.

  1. Kochi:

A favorite place for most people in most of the Kerala tour packages is Kochi. From old architectures to churches, synagogues to royal palaces that are turned into museums, you will get to experience an entirely different face of Kerala in Kochi. You must visit the spice alley for some freshest spice possible to be found in the country. The Chinese fishing net is also a landmark here. For hundreds of years, these fishing nets and fishing techniques are being used here. Though for tourism, it is still alive in Kochi.


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