King Cup Drinking Rules - Every One Should Learn to them.

 Kevin Brown
  Jan 06, 2019

Kings cup is one of the popular drinking game and it is all about drinking and having fun with a group of friends. Kings cup rules are very simple and you get to explore the wild side of your friends through this game. All you need to play this game is a deck of cards, a beer cup, and beer obviously. At first, you distribute all the cards around the cup and the players gather around the cup.

King Cup Drinking Rules

Kings Cup Rules for Beginners

In Kings cup, the players take turns picking cards and each card symbolizes some action. The significance of all the cards is given below:

• Ace: An ace represents “waterfall”. So whenever a person picks an Ace, everyone needs to start chugging their drinks. The person who picked up the card can stop whenever they want, it allows the next person to stop whenever they want and so on.

• Two: The two card is the “you”. It means that the person who has got “2” card can point out anyone and make them drink.

• Three: This card is always “me” which means the person who picks the card has to drink.

• Four: A four card means all the ladies in the group should drink.

• Five: A five card means the person who picked the card will do a dance move and then the next person has to repeat the dance move and add another move to it. This goes on around the circle until someone fails to do so and has to drink. It is absolute fun to watch a bunch of drunken people dancing.

• Six: Six means all the guys in the group should drink.

• Seven: Seven goes for “heaven”. When any player gets seven, everyone in the group should reach for the sky and the last person to do so has to drink. It is not as easy as it sounds, more than often people are drunk enough to understand that the "seven" card has been picked.

• Eight: When a player gets an eight card they choose any player from the group to be their mate which means for the rest of the game, if the player drinks, the mate has to drink too.

• Nine: When it's nine, you have got to rhyme. When a person picks a nine card, they have to say a word and everyone else in the group have to say the word that rhymes with it. For example, if the person picks dog, other players can go for fog, log, jog etc. If someone fails to say the rhyming word., they lose and have to drink.

• Ten: The player who picked ten card, has to pick some category and turn by turn players will say something that fits that category. The person who fails to think of anything that belongs to that category has to drink.

• Jack: Jack card is the best thing about this game because it means the game of “never have I ever”. First of all, everyone in the group puts up, say 3 to 5 fingers. The player, who picked this card will say something they have never done and if you have done it, you put your finger down. This continues around the circle and the first person to put all their fingers down loses and has to drink.

• Queen: Queen means “questions” which means if a player gets the queen, he will ask a question to anyone in the group. Then that player will ask a question to anyone else and this goes on until some player fails to ask a question. To make this game fun, ask absurd and funny questions so everyone can have a good laugh.

• King: The player who picks the king can make a rule. The rule can be almost anything in the world and it should be followed until another king is picked and another rule is made. The person who breaks the rule first loses and has to drink.

As per Kings cup rules, first 3 people who pick the king have to pour some of their drink in the cup kept in the middle and whoever picks the last king has to drink whatever that is there in Kings cup.

It is a lot of fun to play kings cup with a group of your friends. If you are planning for a new year’s party, then kings cup is the ideal game to play at evening while waiting for the clock to strike 12.

Happy Gaming!

King Cup Drinking Rules - Every One Should Learn to them.

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