Kitty Party Games: Exciting Ways to Kill Time in Parties

 Kevin Brown
  Jun 12, 2019

Everybody may be familiar with kitty party games. Kitty party is mostly organized with an aim to release pressure for a while. It is not easy to escape from stress. You have to come across the hurdles. The ladies usually organize such kitty parties. They do many activities on this day. They make different types of dishes, play games, and much more.

Kitty Party Games for Couples

It is a couple turn to host a kitty party. Today, we are to talk about kitty party games for couples. We would love to share some of the most playful kitty party games ideas that are quite easy to play. Here are some kitty party games ideas…


Who Knows?

Everyone is familiar with this game. It is one of the most popular kitty party games for couples. This is a must playing game in the kitty party. In this game, couples are given a piece of paper with written questions of their partner’s choice such as favorite color, a favorite song, favorite place, and so on. Each correct answer will earn them one point. The couple with more correct answers is announced a winner. It is a fun game. This game encourages you to know more about your partner’s persona.

Blind Turns:

Blind turn is a blind game. This is one of the few interesting kitty party games on the list. For this game, a man or woman is blindfolded. You will have a lot of amusement playing this game. If a man is blindfolded, only women can stand up in a queue. The same way, if a woman is blindfolded then men will stand in a line. This game will test your mind. One is supposed to recognize their partners by touching and smelling. There is a time limit. One has to complete the task in the given task. Those who successfully complete within time are declared a winner.

Blow the Balloons:

First of all, to play this game you will require a lot of balloons. In this game, the male partners sit on the chair. The balloons are placed on the lap of men and the women are supposed to burst those balloons sitting on that. The couple who succeeds in bursting more balloons is going to be the winner. Try to play this kitty party game.

Shave Your Partner:

It is a novel kitty party game. For this game, you need shaving cream and ice cream wooden stick. The female partners are blindfolded during the game. The blindfolded women are supposed to apply shaving cream on their partner’s face and clean it with an ice cream wooden stick. The couple who shaves each portion properly will be given a prize.

Group Games for Ladies Kitty Party

As we know, the women are fed up of doing household work whole day. They need some space to remove their fatigue and think out of the box. We are going to give you some group games ideas for ladies kitty party. Let’s have a look.


Musical Balloons:

To enjoy this game, you need a lot of colorful balloons and then scatter in the room. Except for a host, every woman participates in the game. They are asked to assemble all the balloons in the center. Music is played during the game. The main aim of this game is to grab a balloon when the music stops. Those who fail to do so are eliminated from the game. They are eliminated in case you burst the balloons by mistake. The one who proceeds successfully until the end of the game is a winner. This is an amazing game. Try at home.

Movie Name Game:

This is one of the easiest kitty party games for ladies. The present women are given a piece of paper. In that paper, they are supposed to write the movie names of a particular actor or actress as many you can. At the end of the game, the participant who writes most movie names is a winner.

Spoon Game:

Spoon game is the best kitty party game. A bowl of grain is kept on the table. Put an extra bowl next to that bowl. The players are supposed to transfer grain to the next bowl using the mouth. They can’t take their hand’s support. The participant who can transfer the most amount of grain in the bowl is declared a winner.

Kitty party games offer amusements to the ladies. Whenever you happen to plan a kitty party, don’t forget to implement these ideas.

Kitty Party Games: Exciting Ways to Kill Time in Parties

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