Lacrosse Rules: A Game Worth Playing for Adults

 Kevin Brown
  May 08, 2019

The game must be part of our daily routine. That helps us keep young. If you stop playing you will grow old, so don’t stop playing. Lacrosse is a game in which players are supposed to pass the ball between all players. A stick is used with a net to pass the ball. Lacrosse rules are easy to understand. Once you understand the rules, you will definitely love this game.

Lacrosse Rules

Take a Look at the Lacrosse Rules and Positions

Each has different Lacrosse positions. According to the Lacrosse rules, there are four primary positions such as defenseman, attackman, midfielder, and goalkeeper. Let’s understand the duty of each position one by one.

Defender: the main responsibility of the defender is to protect the ball. They have to make sure that the opposing team does not score on their side. Defenders are provided with a long stick to block passes. They must resist the attackers staying between them to deflect passes and shot. Good communication between defenders and their teammates help to protect the ball. And make a defense strong.

Midfielders: The midfielders can play in whole Lacrosse ground. They can do both roles of defending and attacking. They must be good at speed.

Attackers: The main accountability of the attackers is to score a goal. Each team has three attackers. They mostly stand on the offensive side. While playing they get a call from the midfielders to send the ball into scoring position. Attackers must be skilled with the stick.

Goal Keeper: the position of the goalkeeper is very important in this sport. They are supposed to be the last man to protect the goal. They must be very alert as the ball can pass to them at any time. The area around the goalie is called the crease. No players are allowed to get inside that crease except the defenders. The goalie must have good eye contact with the ball so that they can prevent.

How Long is a Lacrosse Game?

Normally, lacrosse game is 60 minutes game. There are two halves in the game. If we talk about high school, it is 50 minutes and it is divided into 25 minutes halves. In the high school, the game is parted into four quarters including 10 minutes half time.

The Basic Lacrosse Rules for Lacrosse Beginners

Lacrosse Rules

As per the lacrosse rules, there is a face-off between two players at the beginning of the game. They are supposed to stand with their hands and feet to the ground. They activate their sticks when the referee whistles. With the signal, they start playing to get possession of the ball.

Each team has 10 players in their sides. Four players are allotted the position on the defensive half and four players are placed on the offensive half. The rest of the players can take their position anywhere on the ground.

Once a player gets control over the ball, he can hold the ball or can pass the ball to his teammates.

As per the Lacrosse rules, offensive players are not allowed to enter their goalie crease, until they get the ball. Defensive players are permitted to get into the goalkeeper area.

Once the goalie stops the ball or keeps the other team away from scoring, the goalie is allowed to keep the ball with him till 4 seconds then after he has to pass the ball outside of the crease. If he fails to do this, the ball is given to the other team.

Lacrosse rules suggest that the removal of the ball from the crease will give the team 20 seconds to get the ball across the midfield. They have only 10 seconds to pass the ball into the attack area. If they do not do this, the other team will be given the ball.

Except for the goalie, no one can use their hands to pass, carry, or shoot the ball. But they can enter that area with the stick to get the ball. Only the goalie is allowed to touch the ball with the hands.

When playing, if a player goes outside with the ball, the ball is forwarded to the opponent team.

According to the Lacrosse rules, the team who scores the most goals is declared the winner. If both teams have the same score (goals), in this case, the team who scores the first goal is declared the winner.

Lacrosse Rules: A Game Worth Playing for Adults

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