Law Firm SEO: 10 Steps To Get More Clients Guaranteed

  Jul 27, 2019

The best way to have a law firm's website, appear at the top of the search engines when people search for keywords related to your legal practice is by using a law firm SEO. Primefunnel can help you set up a law firm SEO strategy that is way better compared to ads prints leads.

Primefunnel is a full service digital marketing agency offering a variety of digital marketing services which can help grow your law firm.

Law firms previously had it easy when getting clients. All it needed was to create a commercial, put up a billboard, take out yellow pages, and just like, that you have more clients. The reputation of the company is established as offline legal services of the company that has to correspond with the online content.

However, things have changed now with the advancement of technology; almost over 8 hours of digital content is consumed daily by customers who need legal services. Of these consumers, 97 percent prefer to use Google over other search engines.

Furthermore, the majority of consumers would instead learn about your law firm and have their questions answered through online articles as opposed to ads. A mobile device is the most used to do online research on law firms. Referrals, one of the source of reliable leads for a lawyer, has also moved to various online review platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Primefunnel provides law firm SEO services, and it has built a variety of social media marketing services for lawyers and law firms everywhere. Your goal should be to have your law firm website appear among the top search results due to the vast amount of traffic they receive; this goal could only be achieved with the help of a law firm SEO experts who ensure that your law firm SEO marketing is negotiated. You can make use of the ten guides below to increase your law firms leads by more than a hundred percent to SEO success.

Why SEO ranks tops for client acquisition strategy for law firms?

Search engine optimization is a method through specific keyword help improve your online presence; thereby, your website ranks higher in the search engines. SEO for law firms websites cannot be disputed as the critical in availing the law firms services at the exact time thee clients are looking for these services. Hence SEO leads have a closing rate of 14.6 percent more than the 1.7 percent for outbound leads such as print advertisements.


In simple terms, search engines are answer machines. Search engines help to understand, discover, and organize the content on the internet so that the most relevant answers to the questions the searcher was looking for. Search engines such as Google crawl pages on the internet, sort them and indexes them, in the same manner, it is done in the library.

SEO aids with this scenario as they help the search engine to determine what a web page is all about and accurately index it. Optimizing the website adds extra bits of codes and structures the website in such a way that crawlers can easily catalog and index the web pages.

SEO offers reliability, making one of the most profitable marketing tactics for the law firm. However, SEO is similar to the stock market, and you should wait before abandoning other advertising methods. In this scenario, you pick your keywords, which are your stock depending on the available information.

The returns will vary as you adjust your strategy.

With a well-optimized presence, it may take between three months and one year for it to gather pace. Also, the results may fluctuate like the stock market because of factors such as advances in digital technology, consumer behavior, and more. For you to get your accelerated returns, you need to take advantage of SEO.

10 Law Firm Search Engine Optimization Steps for More Clients

Plumefunnel suggests the following ten steps that you should use to optimize your online presence for the search engines. As stated earlier, these marketing strategies can go wrong if you do not know what you are doing. There are many law firm SEO services offered by firms such as Plumefunnel, and they can help you if you do not understand the steps below.


Keywords are the success factor for the success of the SEO. Consequently, choosing the right keywords helps to achieve results in the search engine. Most businesses usually gets it wrong when it comes down to targeting keywords that are common in legal practices search engines.

You have to select ideal legal keywords that are most suitable and how to target them successfully. The prudent action would be to do keyword research for law firm search engine optimization. The keywords should be based on the following:

Keywords volume: to find out keywords monthly search volume, you can use tools such as keywords everywhere and google keyword planner.

The target audience: with much experience in the law industry, you should be able to know what you're target audience search for and how they speak.

Keywords competition: optimization of a keyword by a high number of people makes it harder for it to be ranked. For instance, it would be harder to rank words such as divorce lawyer. Google keyword planner will help to identify how much competition the keyword receives.


After you have identified your keywords, the next step is to find out how competitors are performing against the keyword. Various factors can interfere with that can affect the search ranking of a page, such as:

  • Security of the website
  • Quality backlinks presence that point to your website
  • Are website images optimized or not
  • Web page content length
  • Social signals presence pointing back to your website
  • Is the website mobile friendly or not?
  • Webpages content quality

You can draw up a list against the above factors for you and your competitors for comparison. The goal is to find out the categories that you are doing better or not. Moreover, the SEO analysis helps to give a view of the playing field.


Making technical improvements to your website that may create issues. The law firm website design is essential and has to operate smoothly. You should consider an SEO company should be able to offer attorney SEO website cleanup. The technical issues include:

Schema: schema markup is an HTML that is comprehended by universally by search engines.

Speed: the web page should be able to load within 2 seconds so that people do not leave midway.

Mobile friendliness: 57.6 searches on for lawyer keywords happen on a mobile device, and people spend more than five hours on their mobile devices

Security: you have to secure your site from cyber-attacks to make people browse it.


Follow these steps to optimize your web pages

  • Ensure that each of your pages had Meta description and has a title tag
  • Each page adequately addresses page subject
  • To give your search engine more clues on topic and structure of your page use heading tags. each page should have H1 tags and multiple H2 tags
  • Make sure that you use your keyword and variations to the keywords on your landing pages
  • Optimize each web page for success.


For your law firm to appear on top of your local service, make use of the; local SEO, which focuses on google search results in the local pack. After listing your law firm NAP on google my business, generating local SEO citations will help off-site factors to increase.

Finding the best lawyer SEO company to help grow your business can be the biggest advantage you can have when getting new clients.


You build out the missing website pages you have to dedicate each service you provide a webpage. Additionally, browse through your competitor's website s and add whatever you do not have. These may include news, media, faqs, or any other authority building pages. Build FAQs which every single question law client may find helpful. The faqs can be boosted with infographics and videos.


A blog helps to add a new entry every day. They are thereby increasing the chances of being ranked on search engines. The blogs will have digestible contents that answer any legal questions those who may require legal services may have. About 70% of customers would engage a company after reading their content.


The backlinks are important in building a search engine algorithm as well as improving confidence in your content. You have to create, more links to your webpage as it helps to rank higher your webpage. Sources of backlinks usually

  • Promote your content on social media
  • Get interviewed
  • Write law journals


Seventy-two percent Effective marketing strategy is influenced by businesses that calculate their ROI. It is essential to analyze, measure, and tracks your data for everything to work out. What you should be looking at are the Key Performance Indicators and metrics such as brand mentions, social shares website traffic, and social shares. Key performance indicators include total new clients, revenue, leads, cost per leads, and more.


This step that helps you to change your strategy depend on analysis of your results; one way of achieving this is through annual comparison of your competitor's analysis and your KPIs. You can change everything that is working while changing what is not working.

Law firm SEO Company like prime funnel can help you. Contact us today to help turn your SEO into new clients for your law firm.

Law Firm SEO: 10 Steps To Get More Clients Guaranteed


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