Learn Spades Game Rules Online

 Kevin Brown
  Jan 01, 2019

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Spades is one of the most popularly played card games in the world, ever since it became known since the 1940s. It is played with fun, intensity, desire to win, and most importantly, passion. There’s something about spades which makes it different from the other games. Well, literally all card games are different, but this game probably is one of the most exciting games to play. If you’ve never played spades in your life, need not worry. Just go through this article and we’re sure you’ll need no other help before starting off. Spade rules aren’t complicated. They’re easy to understand and easy to master in.

Basically, the first thing you need to know about spades is that it is a partnership game, played by four people in total, divided into two teams of two people each. The playing deck is the normal 52-card deck, ace being the highest and 2 being the lowest, as usual. The team which wins as many as 500 partnership points wins the game.

Now, enough with the introduction and all. We’ll now get straight to the point and let you know how exactly the game is played. Here comes the easiest spades rules article for you to understand!

How to Play Spades

To start off with spades rules, get the positions right. The teammates are to take their respective places across the table from the other. Now that everything about the players and their positions is clear, there will be a need for a fifth person. His/her role? The dealer! A dealer in the game of spades is he/she who will shuffle the cards and deal each player a total of thirteen cards. Now let’s get down to the business part of spades - the bidding.

According to spades rules, the player to the left of the dealer bids first. Bidding means saying out loud the number of tricks you’re likely to complete. If you’re to bid 3, that means that you’re almost certain to complete 3 tricks. If you complete the number of tricks exact to the number of your bid, you get a 100-point reward. However, if you fail to get the same number of tricks as you had bid, you receive a 100-point penalty. Now, let’s give you an example.

Sam bids 4, Kenny bids 2, Kevin bids 3 and Sara bids 1. So, if Sam and Kevin’s team fails to complete 7 tricks, they get a 100-point penalty, and if they manage to complete the exact same number, they gain 100 points. The same goes for Kenny and Sara’s team.

A player can bid 0 (nil) as well. A player bids zero when he/she is certain that he/she will not be able to complete a single trick. If the player eventually sticks to his/her bid, 100 points are rewarded. But if the player manages to win a trick or two, a loss of 100 points are imposed as a penalty.

Both the players can also opt for a nil bid. The interesting thing about the double nil or the blind nil is that if both the players do end up with no tricks, they win a whopping 100 points! There’s always another way to something, isn’t it? Similarly, we have one for you right here. If any of the players manage to complete a trick, they lose, again a whopping, 200 points! Similarly, if one of the players gets a penalty and the other gets his/her reward, the net total is zero and both cancel each other out.

Learn Spades Online

We’ve blabbered enough about the spades rules in a literal way. Now, we’d love to focus more on the gameplay as to how you’d win the game of spades, rather than the mere spades rules. Now, you need to know who starts first. Spades rules dictate that it’s always the player to the left of the dealer who starts. If you remember, the player to the left of the dealer also starts the bidding. The game goes about in a clockwise position. Unless the player has only had spades in his/her hand, he/she cannot use a lead with a spade. Not just while leading, but unless suit is broken, using the spade may not be allowed.

Usually, you win if you play the highest rank of the suit led. Spade rules say that if more than one players play the spade, the winner is decided depending on the rank of the spade played by the players. The spade is broken when one cannot follow suit and eventually plays a spade. Another way spades can be broken from you start with a spade, which is only possible if you don’t have an option.

As far as the gameplay is concerned, we’ll remove all doubts regarding the same. Every trick counts for ten points if the partnership achieves its bid number. Additionally, a point is added if the tricks are won above its bid. The vice versa is followed if a trick doesn’t meet its bid demand. However, a partnership should try to bag as less as possible and try to win only as much as they bid, as a 100-point penalty is awarded to the team which scores more than they bid.

If none win the 500 points, the player to the left of the dealer becomes the new dealer to continue the game. So, have a crazy game and hope you are the winner! We hope this article on spades rules helps your cause. Cheers!

Learn Spades Game Rules Online

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