Learn What Your Child Needs For His First Cell Phone

 Waqas Ahmad
  Dec 06, 2017

Now that you’ve decided that it’s time for your child to have their own cell phone, you’ll want to make sure you're well prepared for everything you need to set up and purchase. This way, you’ll feel comfortable about this step towards independence for your child, and they will have everything they need for the phone to make the most of it.

Invest In Some Phone Cases

One of the first things you will want to purchase is a phone case. To make sure that your child will not get quickly bored with the case, you will want to buy a few of them, as this will allow them to swap them out whenever they feel like it. You need to know what the phone is that you have purchased for your child and shop specifically for a case meant specifically for that phone. For example, if your child has the iPhone 8, you will want to look for quality iPhone 8 cases.

Keep in mind that some cases will provide more protection than others. Some will simply prevent portions of the phone from becoming dirty or scratched up. Others give total protection and are even waterproof. Those cases are the best to consider when you have a very active child who likes to go outside a lot with this phone.

Screen Protectors

There are two types of screen protectors for smartphones. There are the thin clear paper-like screen protectors that you can cut to fit the size of your screen if you’re not able to find one for the exact model of phone you have. Those protectors only really protect the screen from light scratches, which does serve a purpose. However, if you have a child that is a little prone to accidents, you’ll want to pick up a thicker screen protector that can protect your phone’s screen from falling on it. This doesn’t mean that the phone is indestructible, but it’s a lot more durable than it could ever be without that protection.

Put A Tracking App On The Phone

Now, before you make the assumption that this is an invasion of privacy, you will want to consider how, with proper usage, the tracking app can not only be helpful, but it could be life-saving.

A tracking app is installed by you directly on your child’s cell phone. Allow them to know it is there and simply by doing that, you might avoid them even thinking about taking off to somewhere they shouldn’t be, as they know that there is a much bigger risk of getting caught now.

The main reason to use the tracking device is so you can locate the area where your child is, which is done through the use of GPS tracking. If your child were to become turned around and started to worry that he is lost, he can let you know. Then all you have to do is use the tracking app and you will be able to find his exact location so you can pick him up or give suitable directions for him to make it home on his own.

Finding The Right Plan

There are two ways to pay for service for your child’s cell phone. You can sign up for a contract and pay post pay, according to how much data is used. Generally, for a base rate, you will get unlimited talk and text, but only a certain amount of data. If your child goes above and beyond that data, you will have to pay for the additional usage.

There there’s the prepay plans where for a set amount each month your child will receive unlimited talk and text, as well as a set amount of high-speed data. After that amount of data is ran up for the month, the internet coverage on the phone may linger so bad that it is hard to use for surfing the web. However, if the phone is within range of some available wi-fi, such as your home wi-fi, it can usually tap into that to continue using the internet with ease.

You are now much more prepared when it comes to getting a cell phone put together for your child.

Learn What Your Child Needs For His First Cell Phone

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