LED Bulb Light – How It Works and Selection Criteria

 Mike Warner
  Aug 27, 2014

Now a day’s the incandescent bulb had been replaced by CFL bulb as the former consumed a lot of energy hitting the pockets financially.It is also considered environmental threatening due to the emitted carbon dioxide gas.CFL bulb also has some disadvantages which include the usage of mercury and the unpleasant color transformation which leads to the uneasiness of the people. Then research brought in the Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulb in the market, which replaced both incandescent and CFL in a single shot.
How LED bulb lightworks:
LED Bulb works on the SSL (Solid State Lighting) technology, unlike Incandescent or CFL which emit light through vacuum or gas respectively. In most cases there is a semi-conductor, within which the electron movement occurs and the light is produced. Initial LED bulbs were dimmer compared to incandescent or CFL lights as LED bulbs could not emit the entire light that was stored within them. But with time and extended research work, the modern LED bulb can emit brighter light and can very well suffice the need for residential purpose. Here, generally a LED is placed inside a lamp or bulb and used in light holders to solve the lighting purpose.

Advantages of LED Bulb light:
• Reduced energy consumption: LED loses less energy to produce light compared to other variations of light (incandescent and CFL).
• Long durability: A LED bulb goes on for years without maintenance. This is remarkably high in comparison to other light sources.
• Constant emission:Light output remains constant over time, only decreasing towards the end of the lifetime.
• Fast illumination: Light comes on instantly when turned on without flickering.

Though the LED bulb light cost is quite high, compared to incandescent or CFL lights, but the durability being high, this has quite in turn balanced the installation expenditure in the long run.

Use ofLED bulb light:

LED bulb lights are used for both general and special lighting purpose. They can fit into the screw-type sockets that can hold both incandescent and CFL bulbs as well. It is used to decorate the home interior and enhance the aesthetic feel of the same. It gives an elegant look to the house. Starting from lights on the ceilings to indoor cabinet lighting to outdoor flood lights to strip lights, LED bulb lights are used for almost all illuminations now.

LED bulb lightcan be used for the various series of LED lights as per their usage concern.
1. LED Flood lights: Mainly used for outdoor lighting and security reasons, LED flood lights are way better than the halogen lights. The former has a wider beam of light thus covering a bigger area under security.
2. LED Strip light: These array of LED bulbs are used to decorate the interiors or exteriors but with a dimmer beam of light. A Strip light can be both single colored and multi colored and the flexibility of the strip decides the usage area of the same. More flexible ones are used to decorate curvilinear surfaces while the lesser flexible ones cover up the straight surfaces.

Choosing the perfect LED bulb light:
The choice of the most suitable LED bulb light depends on the factor as:
• Quality of light: The brightness should be chosen as per the usage.
• Function of the light:LED lights come in different shapes and sizes. The one most suitable might not have the best look and vice versa. It should be chosen keeping in priority the functionality.
• Price:LED bulb light should be chosen keeping in mind the maximum utilization of the cost spent in installing that.

LED Bulb Light – How It Works and Selection Criteria

Mike Warner

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