Legal Issues Related With Child Custody in Florida

 Charlie Brown
  Jun 13, 2015
If you are a parent and decided to get divorce from your spouse, then your children’s custody and visitation would definitely be a matter for concern for you. If you are in Florida then you should know that the state has one overriding factor over the issue of child custody.
However, you should give priority to your child’s interest, because divorce between parents can be a traumatic experience for your child and you should make effort to reduce the emotional effect of separation on him/her. You may get separated from your spouse, but you are still a parent.
Parenting Plan to Share Parental Custody
Be Aware of Changing Laws in Florida
The child custody laws in Florida has been changing drastically as terms associated with child custody like visitation, primary and secondary residential parent have been replaced by parenting plans, shared parental responsibility and time sharing. For this purpose, you need professional guidance and visiting a renowned KEL Attorney can help.

Courts were weighed down for the fighting of parents over the issue of designated primary residential parent and now the changed laws have allowed parents to have equal responsibility for all the decision they will take for the interest of their child.

Take Joint Decision for Child’s Welfare
If you are in Florida and getting divorce from your spouse, then you must know that the laws of this state will allow parents to share custody of their children and they will have equal right to take decision for the welfare of their children even after separation.
Moreover, if some major disagreements evolve regarding to child’s education, religion or medical requirements, the court can order to have one parent control. However, the sole custody will rarely be granted by the court, because certain cases can evolve any time, and for this reason, the court will only grant the sole parental custody when it will find that shared custody cannot harm children’s future. Such instances could be:

a) Child abuse
b) Continuous conflicts between parents or
c) Family violence
d) Financial deficiency
e) Criminal records
f) Psychogenic ailment of parent

Prepare a Parenting Plan to Share Parental Custody
While going through the process of divorce, you should come with plan that will explain your resolutions on shared parental responsibility and time-sharing. However, issues related with shared parental responsibility can be discussed through mediation and compromise, if both the parents do not want to take the issue for trial in the court.

However, the process may also involve a third party like an attorney or counselor and the facility can be considered as part of child custody evolution. The custody laws say that both father and mother have the same right to avail the custody of their children, but at the same time, court offers special consideration to the mother to be the guiding force into the life of children.

Children Over 12 Years of Age Can Choose Options
No matter how influential the father or mother is; a 12-year old child can decide how much time he or she will spend with parents.

There are near about 20 factors associated with child custody in Florida and most of them are considered by authorized body to gather more information for your children. However, before enrolling yourself for divorce, you should know that the state is filled with laws like Uniform Child custody and jurisdiction and enforcement act that works for the sake of Children’s welfare.
Legal Issues Related With Child Custody in Florida

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