Lesser-known Crucial E-commerce Marketing Strategies

  May 09, 2018

Latest statistics reveal that E-commerce businesses are on the boom. The total E-commerce sales around the world are expected to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021 with a 246.15% increase from what it was in the year 2014. These mind-boggling numbers suggest E-commerce businesses are striving to get there in the race and those that are already in it are trying to make it even bigger.

Some of the top E-commerce business trends that experts swear by include content personalization and product personalization. E-commerce personalization was really the trend in 2017, and this year, the trend is only expected to bloom further. One challenge that remains to be addressed for small and medium E-commerce businesses is that of building a working marketing strategy.

Reaching out to the right audiences with the right message lies at the core of any marketing strategy. A brand-focused marketing strategy can help businesses be recognized by their authentic voice. Here are some marketing strategies that E-commerce businesses are building their foundations on-

  • Micro-Target – In the marketing arena, especially for the E-commerce businesses, it pays off to micro-target their audiences online. Once a business can establish their territory and build a community around their products and services, they can taste success. Relating to their customers on a deeper level and offering value are the two keys to micro-targeting prospects and customers online. With laser-sharp marketing and sales strategies, E-commerce businesses can witness a boost.
  • Content should content – For E-commerce businesses their brand voice needs to be authentic and what they say matters next. E-commerce companies should focus on creating content that compels their customers to take action. Creating marketing campaigns without a captivating message will bring the efforts to dust. E-commerce businesses should invest in a strategy that improves their customer engagement levels through smartly curated content.
  • Omni-presence – Expanding their presence across platforms, helps E-commerce businesses reach to a higher number of customers every day. Building an omnichannel presence should help your E-commerce business in creating the exceptional customer experience. This is why businesses are now focusing on expanding their reach across platforms.
  • Optimization – Website optimization is another crucial factor that businesses need to consider. With a compelling website that tells the customer what he needs to focus on, E-commerce businesses can build a sales funnel right through their website. Minimizing the many distractions and giving the customers a simple call to action is another way this can be accomplished.
  • Email Marketing – Emails have not yet gone stale and they never will. Email marketing aims to address a lot of challenges that social media marketing encounters. For an example, when you publish a post on the social media, chances are only a fraction of your target audiences should have seen them and engaged on them. Whereas, emails can achieve high open-rates and make sure your audiences are reading them. Leveraging email marketing is another tactic E-commerce businesses can employ.
  • Contextual Marketing – With localized marketing, companies are hitting the nail on the head. You can do this too. Connect with your target demographics at the right time with the right message. Leverage local festivals and other events of importance to connect with your customers on a personal level. This is the best time to stand out of the crowd and establish your brand authenticity.
  • Mobile First – With a mobile-first strategy, E-commerce businesses can leverage the most powerful tool their customers are using. The smaller screen fits all success and strategies. Today, E-commerce web development starts with a mobile-first strategy and then expands and takes into account the desktop experience. The reason is a simple one. Your customers want it.

With these out-of-the-box E-commerce marketing strategies and tips, you can focus on the right things and you will surely derive the right benefits and more traffic to your ecommerce store. Put in the right marketing strategy that suits your business plans and goals.

Lesser-known Crucial E-commerce Marketing Strategies


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