Library Rules & Regulations: List of Rules For College Students

 Kevin Brown
  Apr 03, 2019

If you don’t have the rules and regulations in life, you can’t be able to run your life in a proper way. The same way, to run any department, you need to have the strict rules & regulations including a disciplined atmosphere. During college days, we used to attend the library as we had to research on varied topics for our extra knowledge.

The library rules & regulations were very strict in our college. Though library rules & regulations were strict yet we followed honestly. These rules have taught us a lesson of discipline. The library is the only place where you can enhance your knowledge and help us move along in life.

library rules

Sometimes, reading helps us remove stress. It is said that reading can make us wise. We are still recalling those days, where rules & regulations were our first priority. Let’s live again those library rules & regulations for college students.

Library Rules & Regulations for College Students

  1. Keep a pin drop silence in the library. Strict action would be taken against any student creating uproars for any reason.
  2. All students must utilize their time to enhance their academic excellence.
  3. All students must make good use of the library facilities and assets as well.
  4. Only enrolled students are permitted to get inside the college library with a valid identity card. The students have to submit identity card when it is demanded by the library staff.
  5. All students have to maintain a peaceful atmosphere in the library.
  6. No electronic instruments are allowed in the library. Students should not bring a mobile in the library. The mobile phone is strictly prohibited.
  7. Students are punished badly for the violation of the library rules. It is reported to the principal of the college too for suitable punishment.
  8. In case of any inconvenience, students can approach the staff of the library or librarian.
  9. Students should co-operate with the staff of library or library rules in case of any dispute.
  10. Students will be driven out from the library in case of any misdemeanor.
  11. A responsible staff of the library will not tolerate any act of crime by the students will be driven out from the library on the spot. In some cases, the staff is free to lodge a case against a criminal.

Library rules

Additional Library Rules for College Students

  1. Only regular students are allowed to take library books at home for seven days.
  2. The reference books, magazines, and newspapers will not be allowed out of the library.
  3. The book, which is issued for home reading must be returned to the library with seven days.
  4. If students will delay in returning a book will be charged 1 rupee for every day of delay.
  5. Students will be taken additional charge for the persistent delay in returning the book.
  6. One the book is issued to the student for a week, other students cannot ask for the same book.
  7. The student must ensure that the books are not damaged or pages are not torn. If the staff find, the books are damaged or lost, they can hold students responsible for any damage, or torn pages.
  8. If the students damage or lose the book, in that case, students have to pay money according to the value of the book. If the book is rare to find or it is out of print, the amount of money will be decided by the principal.
  9. The teaching staffs of the college and enrolled students will be allowed to use the library. According to the library rules, no outsider or ex-student will be given consent to use the library.

Generally, we all feel the burden of rules & regulations because we are not used to following such rules strictly in comparison of other countries. I am speaking from my experience that the rules and regulations must be part of our daily routine as it is helpful in bringing discipline and success in life. The library rules taught me to live life with perfection. The rules and regulations help us set up a goal in life. Without rules, our life is of no avail.

Library Rules & Regulations: List of Rules For College Students

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