Liquid limestone designs and patterns in Perth

 Elena Tahora
  Apr 27, 2018

Liquid limestone is a sturdy building material that’s typically utilised for paving purposes. It’s made from a combination of crushed limestone, concrete and other derivatives. Liquid limestone is usually one of the foremost options that consumers think of when considering high-end paving materials, because in addition to being durable, it creates a nice soft look.

This material is also easier to install than other high-end paving options and comes in a wide variety of different colors and styles, which when polished, will look just as dazzling as marble. You’ll also find that it’s not only suitable for residential projects, but can be used for commercial developments as well, and is considered a more cost-effective alternative when compared to marble, and yet provides the same benefits. The best part is that you can cover a larger surface area with limestone for a fraction of the cost, and it’s ideal to use in high traffic areas.

Liquid limestone can be customized to fit any space and offers a wider variety of color and pattern options than concrete. Also, it feels cool underfoot which makes it comfortable to walk on, and it doesn’t leave spaces or gaps like concrete does, which means there won’t be any risk of ant burrows or weeds that grow through the paving. It’s also durable and long lasting, and won’t flake or fade on you.

Read on for some inspiration on different liquid limestone designs and patterns that you can try out to beautify your home this season.

  • Neutral tones:

The sweeping trend of neutral tones has found its way from the catwalks of Milan and Paris to the streets of London and now into the world of paving! From modern bathroom design to outdoor paving, neutral tones like off-white and beige are said to add a radiant and clean aesthetic that really lights up the space. The best part about liquid limestone is that it requires minimal maintenance, which means it’s safe to use a neutral tone in an outdoor space like a patio or balcony for example, without worrying about the need for constant clean-up.

  • Vibrant colors:

You can also get liquid limestone in vibrant colors like blue, green and yellow. Bright colors like these are made possible by the addition of iron oxide into the mixture, which produces warmer tones such as yellow, red and beige. Add a little carbon and you can even get tones like blue, grey and black, and there are different shades available for each tone, which is great news for anyone that likes to go all out on color.

  • Classic patterns:

As briefly mentioned, liquid limestone is available in a variety of stunning patterns that introduce dimension and texture to surfaces. The diamond pattern in particular is considered to be a classic. If you want to create even more interest, try out the herringbone and basket weave patterns for size. You can even mix and match different patterns, depending on whether you want a shiny or a porous and gritty look.

  • Geometric patterns:

Geometric patterns such as the black and white checkerboard of the Victorian/ Edwardian era, are a huge trend this season, as is the octagon and dot design which is also available in different color variations like beige and grey.

  • Combining limestone with mosaics:

Create a stunning luxury floor by combining liquid limestone with mosaic details. This unusual combination makes for a truly unique look that is sure to impress your friends the next time you have them over for an outdoor soiree or cocktail party. A design such as the pinwheel mosaic pattern is sure to be a winner, especially when surrounded by limestone, and it really creates a one-of-a-kind style statement.

Whether you opt for a dull finish or a soft and shiny one, liquid limestone is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, it’s easy to install and looks interesting no matter what type of design you choose to go with. Visit in Perth for expert liquid limestone installation using advanced machinery and skilled craftsmanship that produces amazing results. You’ll have access to a versatile number of designs and patterns, some of which can be done to your specifications, making for a truly unique look. On the site, you’ll also find some really great paving ideas for the patio/ alfresco area, pool surrounds, pathway and driveway.

Liquid limestone designs and patterns in Perth

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