List of Virtues to Be Followed in the Day to Day Life

 Kevin Brown
  Apr 17, 2019

List of Virtues Important for Us

Virtue, this word has come into existence for man from the Latin root vir. Manliness or valor is what virtue meant firstly, but a sense of moral excellence is what it settled into over time. To think and do what is right and avoid what is wrong is known as Virtue. It is how we are behaving or about the quality we possess. The generous willingness to help others or to excellence, in general, can also be termed as Virtues. You are sure to achieve success by virtue of hard work. Before having a look at the List of Virtues, let’s try to understand why being virtuous is so much important

Why do we need to be virtuous?

In order to achieve your values, you should have the pre-thought out of Virtues. By pursuing a series of virtues such as faithfulness, love, self-control, and godliness, is how you make progress in these areas of your own personal life as well as in the community. Your own life should be based on your moral standard and the values.

The gaining or maintaining of your values which generally results out of moral habit is also known as a virtue. To lead a happy and successful life we should not only possess rational virtues but acting virtuous is also very important. The substance of and means to joy and deep happiness which will lead to more fulfilling relationships with other people and better living is all about virtue.

Now let’s have a look at the List of Virtues

The list of virtues given below will help you understand and define the core
values that are important for you. They have settled habits that help guide all of our actions.


Honor is giving respect or getting respect from others. When someone respects you they give you Honor or they even give you awards or recognition which is also termed as giving Honor.


Compassion is something when you put others ahead of yourself. Thinking of others selflessly and doing a good deed is all about compassion



Not everyone in the world is courageous. Being courageous means you are not afraid of anyone irrespective of the consequences. You dare to take a stand not only for yourself but also for others.


Staying loyal is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to stand firmly with anyone irrespective of the consequences. Trusting them and holding there in the worst ever situations proves your loyalty towards them.



It is wisely said that give respect to earn respect. If you want to get the respect you better learn to give respect to others. Respect defines our culture very well.


People value your words first before action. If you are not wise or honest to what you say and don’t stick to your words, then you lose the piece of trust for others. Honesty is a very important virtue that defines a person.


When you face the situation without emotion or ego in your eyes that moment is called prudence. It is very much important when you are working on the team to take the decision.


Right from childhood, we have learned in our schools and at home that we should learn to forget and forgive. You need to have a big heart to forgive people for all the ills they did to you. Taking revenge is easy but forgiving takes a lot of effort and s clear and pure mind. If you forgive someone just for the sake of doing it, you are not doing good to either of you. So learn to forgive with a pure heart and mind.


If you are satisfied with your performance today than you are surely not going to excel in it tomorrow. The thirst, the quench and the hunger to excel should always be the same no matter how perfect you feel. If you are doing so then you are surely getting excellence.


This is perhaps the most important virtue that everyone should possess. Showing kindness to others with just a simple smile can bring a big change in your life and develop a relationship even between strangers.


To put ourselves in someone else's shoes and feel their pain is known as empathy. If we succeed in doing so, we can easily understand the pain and emotion of other people and connect with them.


There are still many virtues to be named apart from the 11 given above. The list of Virtues mentioned here will definitely make an impact on one’s life if practiced wisely. Virtues are gained naturally or through practice, so let us get virtual in our daily life’s.

List of Virtues to Be Followed in the Day to Day Life

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