Long Tail Pro Review- The Best Tool To Use Off The Bat!

 Allen Smith
  Jun 09, 2016

I know leading companies get their hands dirty with keyword research and competition analysis! May be you are the one searching for keywords. Well, I have something to tell you about this.

You must be knowing the importance of targeting long tail keywords right? After hummingbird update, it’s very crucial to analyze your Keywords for your marketing campaigns. Nobody wants to target a keyword which doesn’t converts, Right? Exactly! We’re on the same track, let’s move on.

Well, I tried to shed some lights over my strategy for you guys. Don’t be excited, I’m not going to disclose much. Lol

Long tail keywords are important, but identifying the list of such keywords around which the content revolves made me go bananas.

I think the same case is with you. You are also not going to prefer to sort the keywords in Google keyword planner one after another and then manually check the competition for targeted keywords.

Will you? Of course not.

The guessing work to locate long tail keywords that are easy to rank was really tiresome, believe me it was really a pain. I didn’t want to use the inefficient approach which wastes my lot of time and efforts. Why would I do that?

Later, I came across a few keyword research tools like- SECockpit, Ultimate niche finder etc. that helped in finding high traffic keywords with less competition with speed, analyze the competition in a matter of seconds, and carry out effective traffic strategy along with better SEO practices.

Alas! I left that and switched to another tool. Why? Here’s, the answer:

It shows less domains.

Filters cannot be applied in keyword research.

Very expensive! Hmm Newbie’s might agree to it.

I tried hands with Long Tail Pro. The results are excellent, many marketers play the different game but what works for someone may not work for you. Yeah! You got me right, the strategy is the key here.


Do you want to know how you can find out profitable keywords with less competition without spending huge bucks? Come-on it’s completely possible, please find below an example.

My Personal Long Tail Pro Review! What Exactly It Does?

Long Tail Pro is a one-of-a-kind keyword research and competition analysis tool that helps online businesses grow and boost repeat business with increased targeted traffic.

The benefits I enjoyed leveraging Long Tail Pro and certainly that you will not overlook:

1) Locate the keywords on the fly

Earlier, using other keyword research tools like Market Samurai, Ultimate Niche Finder, I could import only one seed keyword and was unable to get the list of refined keywords. By refined I meant completely exclusive keywords list.

Using Long Tail Pro, it becomes possible as it can import more than 5 seed keywords simultaneously and enable seeking out up to 800 keywords per seed keywords. Thus, it helped in finding thousands of keywords in a matter of seconds and tracking how many users are using/searching these keywords every month.

Furthermore, I can dig down and get the hyper-target list of keywords through filters that can be pre-set or changed later. The filters such as CPC bid, local/global monthly searches, advertiser competition and overall competitiveness, provide the exact results which I was looking for. For instance, I need keywords having less than 2000 exact searches along with CPC bid less than $3.

This way I can do the keyword research in a proper manner. So the CASH can easily come-in rolling

2) Check the website ranking in a few seconds

Before I start researching for the keywords, it’s necessary to exactly assess where my website stands on search engines (Google) You can’t think anything other than Google. Did you? Ha-ha. Jokes apart, coming back to Long Tail Pro, it helped me in getting the precise report about the website and targeted key phrases within few minutes while I was having my Jamaican coffee. :P

Also, you must have experienced i.e. Big Daddy Google doesn’t likes people like us who do too many searches in quick time, you would be asked to enter “the ugly captcha” which we all hate. Another key aspect to note, is the results fetched are both personalized and localized results. This won’t be a problem with Long Tail Pro, as the results are not based on your search history or preferences.

Approaching this way helped in analyzing the website ranking swiftly. I know my current position.

3) Analyze the competitor at a glance

Once, you’ve analyzed the SERP’s, its equally important to assess the Google top 10 results for each of the keywords wherein a lot of time get wasted, if practiced manually. For Instance; Check Backlinks, Social Mentions, Social Shares, Domain Authority, Competition exist etc. and other aspects of digital marketing arena.

That’s where this Long Tail Pro aka, Keyword research daddy tool comes to the rescue, It reflects crucial metrics like number of back links, juice links, keywords used in title and Meta tags, Moz rank, domain authority, page authority, domain age and pretty more. Feeling to install?

SERP data is best to gauge the competition on Google with keyword competitiveness score that has ultimately provided a way to outpace the competitors.

What’s next?

My tons of success stories are bragging about the Long Tail Pro and it will help you in bringing the type of result your business needs and usable for every niche/industry Google works. Its impressive benefits made me to recommend this tool to you:

Bespoke tool that’s easy to use

Dirt cheap and no extra charges on installation

Great customer support

Uncover easy-to-rank keywords at ease

Increase earning with profitable keywords

Time savvy

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to sell you something, if you want to try without even spending $1 for the product just buzz-me up and I’ll arrange for a team viewer session with you to understand the importance of using long tail pro for your competition research. Well, I’m not being paid for this long tail pro review but by sharing this handy tool with you guys I may earn few pennies, if you bought LTP via my affiliate link.

I reaped the benefit of Long tail pro within 3rd week, it helped me to earn $86 in first month itself. Disclaimer: Please note I had to write in two articles as well.

Got excited? Want to try Long Tail Pro? If yes, you can get the ball roll over with its risk-free 10 days trial at $1 or start with a monthly plan of $37.

Which feature in the Long Tail Pro review would you like to use the most? Tell us in the comments below.

You can’t afford $1 – Let me know I may help you to buy the same. Check this link.

Long Tail Pro Review- The Best Tool To Use Off The Bat!

Allen Smith

Allen Smith is an Digital Marketing Expert serving companies across the globe since 8 years. Being renowned for several offers for speaking on different platforms.

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    • Mendrick: Jun 29 2016 02:57 AM
    • What do you think about those tools out there like Market Samurai, Keyword scout pro? Have you used those as well. I was using ultimate niche finder and it was great at that point of time.
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    • Rohan Jadhav: Jun 29 2016 02:36 AM
    • Long tail pro really works if you know how to get it done properly. If you need a keyword research tool that should work for you then this is something you should opt for. Long tail pro can be considered as one of the best among it competitors for findin
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    • John Matthew: Jun 28 2016 09:34 PM
    • Long tail pro is really a good tool which can help you get some really cool high profitable keywords. I'm glad you were able to provide such a vast experience. I would have preferred a quick video from yourself onto long tail as well.
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