Looking for a Backup Solution? Go Ottomatik

 Dayna Lutz
  Aug 21, 2018

Protecting and storing data can be increasingly challenging as your data grows. Whether your IT environment is cloud-native or hybrid, you need a backup solution that guarantees efficient data protection. This will not only enhance your working capabilities. It will also help you worry less about your vital files and documents in the event of

  • Power issues.
  • Mechanical problems related to hard drive failure.
  • Theft or loss of storage documents.
  • Deleting files accidentally.
  • Fire accidents, floods, explosions.
  • Virus attacks among other possible causes of data loss.
  • Hacking.

To keep your vitals safe, it is wise to get a lasting and efficient backup solution. You will be at peace knowing that whatever happens, your documents are safe. While you may want to solely back up your files, it can be such a daunting task. So how do you choose your backup service provider?


When looking for a backup solution, ease of use is one of the factors you cannot afford to overlook. This is in terms of speed of deployment and ease of use. Management complexities are some of the reasons as to why you will need backup. For this reason, it is wise to consider a technology that minimizes risks of data loss. Factors such as block-based mechanisms, delta differencing help you to reduce your backup tasks.

Top Notch Security

Security is a great concern when you have loads of files with useful information. In this regard, consider a backup solution that guarantees the best security for your systems. Integrate a solution you can entirely trust; especially for sensitive details such as security card numbers, social security, and credit card information. A good solution will entirely prevent security breaches as it has powerful security features to keep hackers at bay.

Fast Data Recovery

In the event of data loss, a backup solution should allow for quick recovery. This is a feature that determines whether you should settle for a specific solution or not. Stable and consistent uptime is undoubtedly a vital aspect of a growing technological world. You cannot afford downtimes as it hinders your productivity and hurts your budget. Get a backup solution that is augmented and allows you to get back into the game on time.

24hr Support

When choosing a backup service, it is healthy to consider an option that doesn’t limit your space. This can be quite inconveniencing especially if you run a business. Work with a provider that offers unlimited space that matches your needs on a short and long-term basis.

Another feature is the availability of a backup solution in times of need. When you suffer data loss, you should access the recovery process in a flip of a second. Critical data may cost you a fortune hence the need to have a backup that is available on the 24hr basis. Your provider should, therefore, offer excellent parameters for schedules and backups. This allows you to save time when recovering and uploading files.

A good backup service provider also offers answers to data related questions. You may want to inquire about how to go by a backup. In this case, it is helpful to have a solution that doesn’t leave you guessing. Information is power and you ought to be equipped in the best way possible.

With that in mind, you no longer have to wait for a possible disastrous incident to occur. Explore the best backup solution in the market today. Ottomatik backup service is the answer you have been looking for. It comes with impressive features including;

  • Efficient cloud storage.
  • Multiple and on time server support system.
  • a unique team management system.
  • Its web management console is simple to use.
  • Highly encrypted with a Public key as well as SSL.
  • File backup.

Similarly, the backup solution has four payment plans. You can either choose Business, Advanced, Standard or Lite plan based on your needs. Whatever your choice, you can be sure of an easy connection process. You can also add other features such as monitor backup, backup tasks, new server and carry out restore database services using its console.

It is also a modern backup with different capabilities including quick recovery; efficient archiving and tape are some of the features for your business. The backup system can leverage on your working environment during down times to keep your files and data safe.

The service provider also offers different social platforms when you can ask and seek expert help on the 24hr basis. Therefore, it doesn’t matter when an incident occurs, you are sure of a real-time solution by choosing the provider.

The company also allows you to use point and click backup restore feature. This means that whenever you want to restore your backup to a different server, this is a backup solution that you can rely on. It doesn’t matter whether you had thousands of files to recover or whether your recovery log is packed. You will have the best data storage space, monitoring; and configuration for unmatched backup services.

On the same note, the company prides in a team of highly knowledgeable staff. Being in a highly competitive industry, the professionals have what it takes to ensure your data is well protected. While a periodical loss of data can occur during backup, the experts guarantee top security. This is attributed to their experience, integrity, and commitment to quality service delivery.

In conclusion, data loss and computer errors can occur when least expected. Minimize data loss and enhance data security whenever possible by employing a reputed backup service provider. Visit https://ottomatik.io/ today and have all your backup needs addressed.

Looking for a Backup Solution? Go Ottomatik

Dayna Lutz

Dayna Lutz is the content manager of Ottomatik which is an online platform for hosting your database backup on their storage platform. The company's storage rides on top of Amazon S3 as well. In fact, they do all the legwork for you. Also, if you already have Amazon S3 credentials and want to store your backup files in your AWS account, controlled by you, then also you can use this platform.

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