Machine Guarding: Definition and Types

 Priya Chaudhary
  May 25, 2018

Every machinery has a unique non-mechanical or mechanical hazard and can cause injuries ranging from small cuts and abrasions to life-threatening once like lacerations. Machine guards work as the first guard of defence against machine operating injuries. It is mandatory for every machine to have sufficient safeguard to protect the machine operators or other employees working in the immediate workspace. These hazards could be from flying debris, sparks, rotating parts, etc.

Machine Guarding Safety Program ensures that safe work practices are being followed at workplaces where mechanical equipment are being used. Inspection and keeping records for all machine guarding equipment is part of the safe practices. We, at Sangeeta Industries, sheet metal manufacturer in Faridabad, ensure that we follow strict safety measures here.


Our company has automation sheet metal products, and hence we follow industry specified compliances regarding Machine guards.

Prevent Contact - A physical barrier is a must feature of machine guards. The machine operator should have a physical barrier for preventing contact with the ‘danger zones’ of the machine while the machine is operating.

Secured and Tamper Proof - Machine guards, need to be strong, secure and tamper-proof to prevent workers from removing or tampering with it.

Should Not Create New Hazards - The machine guard should not be a hazard on its own, then it defeats the whole purpose of having it. For example- the sharp edges of the guard should be rolled and bolted to prevent lacerations. It should not cause visual obstruction to the machine operator.

Lubrication of Machine - Lubrication of the machine should be possible without the removal of the machine guard. A line to the lubrication point should be connected by locating oil-reservoirs outside the guard; this will prevent the maintenance workers from entering the hazardous zone.

Non-Interference with The Machinery - the guard, should not be an impediment to the worker. Safeguards should increase the worker's efficiency by relieving his apprehensions of injuries.

Types of Machine Guards

  • Fixed Guards
  • Adjustable Guards
  • Interlocked Guards
  • Self-adjusting Guards
  • Miscellaneous aids

Fixed Guards - are the commonest type of guard used because of their simplicity and high-effectiveness. Fixed guards are permanently left attached to the machinery and need a considerable effort to remove it. They are commonly used for covering power transmission units or band saws.

Adjustable Guards - These guards allow the machine to handle varying sizes of material while protecting the unused parts of blades or point of operation. An example of adjustable guards is the guard covering the point of operation of a band saw.

Interlocked Guards - is designed for removing in order to allow access to the hazardous area. However, the machine automatically shuts down once the guard is opened thus eliminating the hazard, for example- for inserting and removing materials from the point of operation.

Self-Adjusting Guards - These kinds of guards are found typically in saws, that is pushed away from the point of operation when the material is fed into the machine. The blades open partially just for inserting the material, while the remainder of the blade remains covered.

Miscellaneous Aids - This method protects not just the operators but also any others who work in the vicinity of the machinery; examples include- Shields for protection against sparks and flying chips, holding tools for workers, etc.

We, at Sangeeta Industries, take pride in being the best sheet metal product manufacturer are using machine guarding solutions for protecting our personnel against workplace hazards.

Responsibilities of The Machine Operators

  • The operators need to be trained on how to use and apply machine safeguards.
  • Inspection of the machine and the safeguards should be carried out before every usage.
  • Alerting the respective department or management in case safeguards needs to be repaired, maintained or replaced.
  • Assess work for determining if machine safeguards cannot be used and work with the supervisor for using Administrative controls.

Machine safeguarding is an essential part of Machine safety program and so is educating employees and creating awareness regarding the hazards surrounding machines. Being the best sheet metal fabricator in Faridabad, we take our responsibilities towards our employees seriously, and their welfare is of utmost importance to us.

Machine Guarding: Definition and Types

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