Mastering the Calorie Count for Better & Quick Weight Loss

 Tim Baker
  Dec 18, 2017

Do you often worry about your calorie count? Do you want to measure your calorie count on a daily basis? If the answer to any of these questions is a yes, then this is the correct spot for you since here I’ll tell you how you can calculate your calorie count frequently, and thus stick to your weight loss and diet regime.

Weight loss is a significant part of the lives of most people, particularly those who are obsessed with their fitness. This is why it becomes quite crucial that people should know how they can calculate their calories on a regular basis so that they can work towards maintaining them.

Different people have different types of body. Therefore, everyone should be aware of the calorie count their specific body type requires. Additionally, one of the other factors that decide your calorie count is your fitness goals.

No matter whether you want to maintain, lose or gain weight, it is imperative that you need to keep a proper blend of exercise and diet so that you can attain your fitness goals. When it comes to monitoring your calorie consumption, you must know that the three chief macronutrients that provide energy and calories to the body are fats, proteins, and carbs.

Losing weight

If you want to lose weight, you must consume fewer calories as compared to the total calories you burn every day. Additionally, you shouldn’t lose over 1 to 2 pounds a week so that you can lose weight in a healthy way via a proper diet and training.

Healthy weight loss is essential for your overall health. Not only you will regain those extra pounds right back if you lose too much weight too quickly but also create health risks for your immune system. Weight loss should be thought of as a long-term lifestyle change rather than a quick way of losing a few pounds for a party, beach trip or wedding.

In case you want to enter the army, you need to have a proper weight and body fat. For this, you can lose weight and measure your daily calorie consumption according to the army environment. Use this army height weight calculator for knowing the right army body fat requirements.

Maintaining weight

If you are trying to keep the same weight that you’ve right now, you need to adhere to a particular amount of calories every day. For this, you need to take your present weight, which should be in pounds, and then multiply this number by 15 so that you can know the number of calories you require each day. This magical number is for people who have a fairly active lifestyle. Remember! Same calorie count is not suitable for everyone, so you need to take into account your activity level, your current weight and you should also make sure to get enough nutrients for your metabolism.

Putting on weight

If you desire to gain weight, you must have a sufficient amount of protein intake, along with consuming more calories. By examining your current diet and workout routine, you can know the things you can do in order to increase your weight. So, if you want to gain 1 pound weight in a week, you can multiply your weight by 12, which will give out your basic calorie requirements.

According to studies, if you want to add to your lean muscle, your protein intake time might be more significant as compared to the amount of protein you consume. You should aim to consume carbohydrates and protein within 30 to 60 minutes after your training since at this time your body is in a perfect condition to repair and rebuild.

For optimal nutrition and health, it is vital that you avoid eating less than 1200 calories in a day. Anything below this number will not provide you with enough nutrition to aid your regular health requirements. So, this is how you can master your calorie count according to your body type and fitness goals.

Mastering the Calorie Count for Better & Quick Weight Loss

Tim Baker

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