Microsoft MCSA Certifications & What They Mean to Your IT Career

  Feb 05, 2019

Microsoft MCSA Certifications

Microsoft has been at the forefront in providing IT solutions to businesses all over the world. Besides providing one of the most widely used Operating System (OS) platforms, Microsoft has taken an initiative to train individuals who will help in the establishment and management of IT system solutions to businesses. Once they are trained, they are required to sit for and pass exams that lead them to attain certifications. In this article, we are going to look at one of the most popular certifications, namely Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA).

MCSA is an associate level certification that gives you an opportunity to work as an entry-level IT professional. It is a requirement for most advanced level certifications. It is divided into about 17 Microsoft certifications. Attaining any of the above certifications requires that you register and sit for the relevant exam.

MCSA Certifications

MCSA is a very popular professional certification today. This is because of the fact that Microsoft OS is the most widely used operating system for computer systems around the world. This means that more and more professionals who can undertake the installation, running troubleshooting of these systems are needed. Businesses and individuals are embracing this certification to help them advance their careers as well as make their business systems more efficient and cost-effective.

Why should you become MCSA certified?

  • You gain knowledge and skills that will make you stand out among othersю
  • MCSA certification is from one of the best software solution vendors that have been adopted by business systems all over the world.
  • Being a Microsoft Certified professional individual means that you can offer unique networking solutions to businesses. This will bring about the growth of the business as a result
  • MCSA certified professionals get the best monetary compensation all over the world. They are known to earn up to $119,128 dollars a year on average.
  • MCSA is the beginning of a path that leads to more advanced level certifications such as MCSE and MCSD.

So, how do you become MCSA certified?

The path that leads to a certification in any of the available MCSA fields begins with finding out the exact certification that you would want to pursue, then sign in with Microsoft, choose your exam, register and schedule it with Pearson VUE. Once that is done, the next thing would be for you to prepare and eventually sit for it. MCSA 365 certification requires that you register, sit for and pass two certification exams 70-346 and 70-347, while the other MCSA certifications require that you pass three exams each. It is also important for you to have basic computer skills. Passing your exam would lead to you receiving a corresponding MCSA certification.

How do MCSA exams look like?

Let’s find out more about the MCSA exam details below:

Microsoft doesn’t normally reveal much detail about their exams because they keep updating them to keep up with the new technological needs. Each Microsoft MCSA Practice Test exam, however, mostly consists of 40-60 questions, and requires 150 minutes to complete. They are mostly multiple-choice, hot areas and drag-and-drops. Microsoft uses scaled scores, as explained in their exam policies, to grade you. Depending on how you perform, you either get a pass or a fail.

How do you pass the MCSA exams?

  • Use the official Microsoft Website to identify the certification that you would like to pursue.
  • Find out more about that particular certification and the corresponding exam from Microsoft website and other blogs that give more information on MCSA exams and certifications.
  • Register for the exam.
  • Begin preparation for your exam. You can choose either to use self- study tools or enrol in a course with any of the Microsoft accredited trainers. There are also study guides and practice tests that are available online. Use these tools to the maximum and you will be able to pass your exam when it’s the time to sit for it.

Now, you have registered for your exam and you are wondering what you ought to do in order to pass. I want you to use these great tips to help you prepare and pass your MCSA exam:

  • Find study materials

There are various study resources like guidebooks that you can use for your exam preparation. The guidebooks give you the relevant exam topics in details. Using these books will help you understand more about your exam requirements. Make sure you understand those topics well.

  • Get a trainer

A certified trainer will guide you on the topics step by step. It is possible to understand the topics better when you have a trainer than when you are studying on your own. It all depends on your schedule though. If you have a flexible schedule, it is advisable to get a trainer and enrol for a course with them. Courses equip you with the right knowledge and skills that you require to pass your exam.

  • Practice what you learn

It is not enough just to train or use study guides without trying to find out whether you have understood the concepts learnt. It is good to practice what you learn so that you can know the areas that you still need to work on more. Using you can get past questions or practice tests is the best way to test your preparedness. You can search for the relevant tests online and download them.

  • Join a professional network or online community

When you are part of a community that shares and discusses issues that touch on your exam, then that would be of help to you. Discussion forums are platforms where candidates raise issues regarding their exam, as well as where professionals or past exam candidates share their experiences. Also if you know anyone planning to take the same exam as you, then you can revise for the exam with them.

  • Give yourself enough time to study

Plan your time well so that you don’t rush through the preparation process. Make sure that you provide sufficient time and attention for your revision.

  • Confidence is important

Study thoroughly and ensure that you are confident enough to face your exam. It is possible to forget all that you had learnt previously if you are unsettled or your confidence is low. As long as you have prepared well, then confidence will help you to pass.

Anyway, use all the sources for your exam preparation to get one of the most prestigious certifications in IT sphere. Find the best study guidebooks, video courses, practice tests, also joined the Microsoft online community, use exam dump in your preparation and you’ll nail your certification exam.

What are the best training courses for MCSA certification exams?

  • Microsoft Classroom Training from Microsoft Learning Partners across the world
  • Microsoft On-demand Online Training
  • Microsoft Virtual Academy Free Online Training
  • MCSA Training All courses on Udemy
  • Cybrary Free MCSA Online Training

Are MCSA exam dumps helpful?

Dumps are practice tests usually uploaded online by exam providers. They are questions from past exams and are very useful because they give a candidate an opportunity to practice what they have learnt or studied. It is the best way to know whether you have understood all the topics well. If you are still struggling with some areas, you are able to go back to them. Ensure that the dumps are up to date before using them.

What are the other top resources that you can use to prepare for your exam? Let’s find out here:

  • Microsoft Official Website
  • Microsoft Press books
  • Study guides like MCSA Windows Server 2016 Study Guide;
  • Mindhub MCSA Training Guides;
  • MCSA Configuring Windows Server 2012 70-410 on YouTube;
  • Lynda.comMCSA Windows Server Tutorials;
  • Practice tests like Microsoft Official Practice Tests and ExamCollectionExam Dumps.

Preparing for any certification exam is no mean task. You need proper resources and time to prepare, but it is worth the investment. Microsoft certification is one of those significant qualifications that take you places and opens doors for growth and expansion for your career and business. It shapes your future. Be well-prepared for it and any certification exam will be just a piece of cake for you.

Microsoft MCSA Certifications & What They Mean to Your IT Career


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