Most Common Disputes with Solicitors

 Phoebe Lambert
  Feb 22, 2018

Basically there are lots of issues on which a dispute could arise between lawyer and client, so it will be best if you discuss each and everything in detail with the lawyer before hiring him. When everything will be discussed between both parties than there will be less chances of arising disputes between both of them. Here in this article we are discussing some common disputes that could arise between client and lawyers.

Lawyer Communication

The most common dispute that could arise between client and solicitor is communication gap. You should ask the lawyer about his method and timing of communication during the case, so that there will be less chances of arising any dispute. Lawyer should tell the client properly the time in which he will reply and talk to him and he should communicate with his clients on regular basis so that clients get satisfied that yes their lawyer is actively working on case.


While hiring the lawyer you should check his past experience and percentage of the case that he has won, for analyzing his competency. Otherwise this dispute will surely arise when your lawyer will not have answers to your questions. Basically Competency means your lawyer have core knowledge and expertise in handling similar legal cases.


Actually every country or state have its own set of rules, regulations and ethics that a lawyer have to follow. So before hiring Solicitors in Manchester you should check is your lawyer following certain ethics rules or not. Here we are describing some of the ethics rules that apply generally on attorneys:

  • The have to maintain the basic relationship of attorney and client
  • They have to perform their duties as a competent attorney
  • They should represent interest of their client with great loyally
  • They are bound to work within the set limits of law
  • Should have separate bank accounts to deal with client’s money
  • Lawyer shouldn’t be involved in any criminal activities
  • They should prefer to put client's interests first.


According to the legal Profession of Uniform Law, all lawyers are eligible to charge specific amount of fees that are fair and reasonable. Basically there are some areas of the law that are structured by fee scales, just like, granting a probate or when workers claims for some compensation. There are some law firms who use to calculate the costs according to following criteria:

  • Some charge fixed amount
  • Some lawyers prefer to charge on hourly basis
  • Some charge an hourly rate by setting upper limit on the maximum amount
  • Some take the cases on the bases of no win, no pay

What You Should Expect From Your Lawyer

Basically the key aspects of attorney-client relationship are the factors that include Lawyer communication, ethics, fees and competency of Solicitors in Stockport Here we are discussing the summary of what client expect from his lawyer:

  • Client expect to get the best advice from the lawyer about any legal situation
  • He expect that lawyer will remain in touch with them on regular basis
  • Clients expects that lawyer will tell him what they thinks will be the results of the case

Trust yourself:

You ought to take after your words and just say what you really mean with the goal that it could create trust amongst you and your customer. Trust is an essential factor that ought to be available amongst specialist and customer so customer could impart every single circumstance to you. That could help you to win the specific case. What's more, this trust will make you a solid individual for the customer and he will counsel with you for his different cases too.

Get involved:

Another most vital factor that is required for turning into a fruitful Solicitors In Stockport is to get totally engaged with every last case you are taking care of. Since in some mind boggling cases even minor points of interest could matter a considerable measure and somebody's life choice could rely on that minor truth. So you ought to get engaged with each case to discover what reality really is.

Most Common Disputes with Solicitors

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