Music Games for Kids: Easy to Engage

 Kevin Brown
  Jun 25, 2019

People of all ages like to listen to music. Without music, life seems to be boring. Music refreshes, when you are in a pensive mood. Music can heal the wounds from inside. Music can play an important role in the kid’s progress. Today, we are going to enjoy music games for kids.


We have already talked about different games for kids, but this we have come up with music games for kids, that are likely to give a lot of amusement to your kids. So, let’s play some fun music games with kids. Look at below…

Music Games for the Classroom

Music games for kids are necessary to remove fear from the kids. We are going to show you music games for the classroom that will help kids overcome their fear and motivate them. Kids will have a lot of fun.

Freeze Dance Game:


It is a very fun music game for kids. This music game is suitable for the classroom. It has simple and easy rules that kids can play easily. You are supposed to need some energetic music. Kids are supposed to dance when the music is playing. They have to dance until the music stops. Kids must stick to their position when the music stops. Kids are not supposed to change their position.

Musical Clothes:

This game is played at the party. This game has unlimited fun for kids. For playing this music game, there are needs of odd attires. It also requires some accessories like funny hats, chairs, wigs, rubber noses. Place the chairs in a circle. Kids are supposed to pass that bag with funny items to one another until the music stops playing. The kid who is caught holding the bag when the music stops has to grab one object from the bag and put it on. The kid who has more items when the bag is empty is declared the winner.

Hot Potato:

This is a great music game for kids. Through this game, kids can get acquainted with one another closely. Start by writing 5 questions related to an individual student. The questions are written on a whiteboard. The questions are asked regarding the likes and dislikes of a kid. Make kids sit in a circle and tell them to pass an egg shaker to one-another. The kid holding that object has to answer the questions written on the whiteboard.

Describe a Song:

This is also one of the few most engaging music games for kids. Kids like to play this game. This music game involves kids who have knowledge of music. Kids must listen to the song properly and supposed to describe the music by writing a single word on the whiteboard. This game teaches kids a lesson of analytics. Through this game, kids can learn all the aspects of the music.

Music Games for Kindergarten

Pass the Parcel:

Wrap the toys with layers of wrapping paper. Tell all the kids to sit in a circle. Start playing some up-tempo music. Children are supposed to pass the parcel when the music is on. The kid holding the parcel when the music stops has to open one layer of the parcel. The child who opens the last layer of the parcel is allowed to keep the toy.

Hear and draw:


This music game for kids requires a good analysis. In this game, kids are supposed to listen to music and express the music’s feeling on a paper. This game helps the kids to concentrate on anything properly.

Musical Hide and Seek:

This is a skillful music game for kids. There is a need to get musical toys so that children can listen to it. First of all, put on the sound of a toy and hide it. Kids have to find out a musical toy on its sound. They have to track the sound to get the device. Make this task more puzzled every time. Children can learn accuracy playing this game.

Wrapping up…

If you are looking for the unique music games for kids, don’t go anywhere. We have shared fantastic music games for kids, which help your kids to overcome their fear and perform fearlessly.

Music Games for Kids: Easy to Engage

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