My Cable Internet Services: Best or worst? The answer will marvel you

 Irene T.Hamilton
  May 17, 2018

Who among us doesn’t like our internet service to be unlimited and fast? There is probably no one who doesn’t want it. Cable connections among all other types of connections are leading in provision of the high-speed internet and budget-friendly plans. In the USA, there are many Cable Internet Providers, but sadly, not all of them provide coverage in each state. However, there is one Cable Internet Provider which covers almost every city of the 41 US states and not just that it provides the best deals and plans too.

Charter is the second largest telecommunication company in the world which provides high-speed internet, HD cable TV, and digital phone services to the customers. Charter Spectrum Internet service is both fast and cost-efficient thereby attracting hundreds of customers on a daily basis.

What is charter Spectrum?

It is essential to know what charter spectrum is before getting in depth about its internet service. Spectrum is the name of a brand created by Charter Communication. Charter the leading telecommunication company since 1993 has merged two different Cable service Providers back in 2016 which were Time Warner Cable and Bright House Network. The company is ever since growing and making its mark as the largest cable company in the whole USA. Spectrum as compared to other providers has the lowest price per Megabit. Other than the best Internet Service, Spectrum has also made its mark in the provision of two other services that are HD Cable TV and Phone services.

Charter Spectrum Internet:

• The internet service by spectrum is the best. The starting speed of Spectrum Internet is 100Mbps which enables the user to download movies, stream HD videos and play unlimited online games. Unlike other Internet service providers, Spectrum Internet never lags or come down performance wise.

• The uploading speed is always important to consider while selecting Internet plans and packages. Spectrum is famous due to its high-speed internet that is going to reach up to 1Gbps in coming days. The uploading speed by Spectrum starts from 20Mbps and will reach to 45Mbps by the end of this years.

• Another great thing about Spectrum Internet service is the pre-installed security software which works as Anti-Spammer, Anti-Hacker, and Anti-Virus known as Security Suite. This software gets updated automatically and ensures ultimate browsing and protections of the connected devices. With security Suite, it is almost impossible for the hackers to hack the system or the viruses to embed in the devices.

• Each internet connection comes with a free Wi-Fi modem which works better than the DSL modem and connects up to 15 devices without losing its efficiency. You can also configure Spectrum Internet setting on the previous modem that you are using and if you fail to do so, try checking the list of all the compatible modems that can get configured with Spectrum Internet.

• With no data caps, users can use internet as much as they want. Unlike other providers that seize your internet speed and performance after reaching a certain data limit, Spectrum has given liberty to the users that they can use as much internet as they want. The bill is going to be standard for each month. Streaming even 4k videos will not compromise the speed and performance of your internet connection.

• With parental control, parents can access and control the content that their children access behind their back. This ensures perfectly safe usage of Charter Spectrum Internet service along with full control of the user over the data and its utilization.

• Unlike other Internet providers, you are not required to sign up for any contract with Spectrum, and you have the freedom of terminating the service whenever you want without paying any early terminations fee. As if it wasn’t enough, Spectrum is also willing to buy out your old contracts you’re your previous Service provider by paying the initial termination fee. Now, switch to Spectrum with ease and freedom.

• You can take your internet anywhere in the country with free Hotspot service. Access thousands of Wi-Fi and stay connected wherever you go.

My Cable Internet Pricing:

Price always plays the most significant role in making the mind of the users whether or not they want to avail the service. Following is a detailed insight of the My Cable Internet price:

• If you bundle Spectrum internet with other Services of Spectrum that are for TV and Digital Phone, you will be required to pay $29.99 a month for a year. The starting speed of Internet in this category will be 60Mbps.

• If you want to avail the Internet service solo, then you will be required to pay $44.99 each month for a whole year. Although, speed varies from city to city, the initial Internet downloading speed is mostly 60Mbps.

• This pricing category is known as Spectrum Ultra Internet which is available in very selective areas of the country. Users will be required to pay $89 per month for one year. This plan provides the users with the internet connection that has 100Mbps starting speed.

My Cable Internet Services: Best or worst? The answer will marvel you

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