My Experience with Volunteering in India and How You Can Help Too

 Carol Griffin
  May 09, 2017

The Indian subcontinent is one of the globally famous destinations for volunteering as the society and population at large faces various issues. It is a country where rural and underdeveloped communities lack access to basic resources and amenities. Every year, numerous individuals from across the world visit India to participate in various volunteer projects throughout the country. You can work for important causes like rural education, women empowerment, developing English and computer skills in Indian children and more. I have personally been in the country several times, and seen many people from Western countries actively participate in volunteering projects.

Your Indian volunteering journey can definitely be a valuable life experience, that will leave you fulfilled. Volunteering in India opened my eyes to the various problems that are faced by so many men, women and children in the country’s villages and towns. Populations in some areas lack access to clean water, healthy food, clothes and other such basic requirements. Adding to that, due to the acute poverty that they live in, many poor children cannot obtain basic education. If you are on the ground and looking at these faces, they do paint a very grim picture. As a volunteer, you can make your contribution to Indian society through volunteer organizations.

Many Ways to Contribute for the Welfare of Indian Society

Volunteer organizations are ones that host and organize volunteer projects which individuals can participate in. There are separate projects you can contribute to, which should be informed to representatives from these organizations. If you are interested in India volunteer opportunities, you can find information online. Many reputed volunteer agencies have online websites, where there is readily available information about various volunteer projects. You can also find details about the date and duration of any particular project, to decide which one you want to be a part of.

Once you have made up your mind about which cause you intend to contribute for, you can go ahead and register with your chosen volunteer organization. Make sure that they are transparent about the fees you have to pay. These should include your food, accommodation and local transport costs. In my experience, it is always wise to read about various volunteer organizations, before you make up your mind. That will save you a lot of disappointment when you are on the ground in India. Fortunately there are enough reputable volunteer organizations who are known in the Western world.

Here are some of the projects that you can contribute to on your Indian volunteering venture -

English lessons - This is one of the most obvious causes that many from Europe and US participate in each year. India has tremendous potential for future success with its youth. Its rural children can benefit from English lessons by volunteers, as many cannot afford expensive English medium schools there.

Women empowerment - The status of women in Indian rural and underdeveloped societies still need a lot of uplifting. As a volunteer in India, you can campaign for spreading awareness and empowering women to achieve better education, career and healthcare opportunities. Skill development classes for women are another project which go along way in helping them get past societal evils, and improve their overall quality of life.

Welfare of street children - India is a culturally and historically rich nation with a promising future. But the country still has a large population of abandoned street children, who live to see uncertain futures. You can make a difference here with the help of volunteer organizations. Street children welfare projects involve helping them get access to food, shelter, basic education and other bare necessities. A little bit of your contribution can bring smiles to their faces and give them a more secure future.

Computer skills - Volunteer organizations offer projects where you can spread lessons about basic computer skills to children. These kind of projects are generally organized in rural schools, where there are a lot of children from poor family backgrounds. I have participated in computer skills projects during my volunteering trip to Dharamsala and

Caring from children - Another interesting project apart from children’s education is child care. Let’s face it. Small children need a lot more than just education in order to flourish. You can partake in fun and entertaining sessions to help Indian children nurture their creativity. You can engage them in various activities like painting, games and music, to bring some much needed joy into their lives.

Renovation projects - Rural and underdeveloped populations are often forced to live in properties and facilities that are dilapidated and badly need repairs. From shelters for the poor, to rural schools, playgrounds and healthcare facilities, you can make your contributions for renovations.

Apart from these there are other projects where you can privately teach students, or spend some time with them during their summer vacations. Regardless of what project you choose to be a part of, you can make a difference to these unfortunate populations. During your volunteering trip, you can even go on sightseeing tours to witness the Himalayas, Taj Mahal and other key locations. In my experience, India is an incredible country which should be a priority for any gap year student, tourist or social worker’s volunteer ambitions.

If you have any queries about volunteer projects in India, drop in your queries and feel free to get in touch with me anytime.

My Experience with Volunteering in India and How You Can Help Too

Carol Griffin

I love to help as a volunteer. In my free times I like to write posts on volunteering works in India, gap year programs, child education and teaching English.

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