New Apps That Can Be Built On Artificial Intelligence

 Kenneth Evans
  Jun 14, 2019

App developers should be able to use the artificial intelligence to develop life changing apps. Some of the apps have been described below. Kindly note that all the apps described below are based on the imagination of the writer.

1. Giant interactive display units

With the artificial intelligence technology, app development companies should be able to revolutionize large format advertising with a giant interactive display unit. Instead of the large display unit that is merely a monitor, app development companies should develop a giant iPhone or iPad whose screen will respond to touch.

The screen should be about 55 inches or wider. If this can be implemented, digital advertising will move forward. The app development company that decides to develop such a giant tablet should include all the outlined features.

It should allow viewers to interact with it

There should be three buttons at the bottom of the screen. One should be for purchase, one for enquiry and the third for the replay of a certain video. When a viewer taps on the purchase button, a list of the products being advertised should pop up so that he can select all the products he wants to purchase. After that, he can check out directly from the display unit. This implies that the giant unit should be linked to the online store of the company whose products are being advertised.

The second button is for those that may want to make further enquiries. Once a viewer taps on the enquiry button, he will also receive a list of all the products being advertised so that he can select the one he wants to make enquiry about. Once he selects the product, he is then given a template where he can type his question. Each of the giant display units should have a bluetooth keyboard attached to each of them so that enquirers can use them.

After typing and sending the question, the system will search its database of frequently asked questions. And if the answer is not in its database, the system will come up with a phone number that the enquirer can call. After doing that, the system should also send the question to backend for answer. Once an answer has been given, it will be updated in the database of the system.

App development companies should design it in such a way that the owner of the display unit or the companies whose products are being advertised will not need to plant any salesperson beside it. This will be very effective for advertisement because only videos will be played on it and videos generally pass more information than both text and pictures.

Social media integration

Social media should be integrated into it so that any viewer can share any of the videos being played on the screen on any of his social media account. This is the way it should work. When a viewer sees a video he likes, he can just go and tap on the share button and a list of the popular social media pops up. He will just have to select all the ones he prefers and enter his accounts so that the video can be shared on his wall.

The display unit should also have WiFi facility through which a user can access the internet through it. Secondly, iPhone app development companies should design it to allow download and installation of new apps, videos, and other applications.

2. Rear view app

When reversing, the driver can only see objects or humans whose height is higher than the trunk of the car. This is why drivers usually knock down kids or other smaller items accidentally. A camera should be placed on the rear bumper of cars, then, the app will have a display unit on the dashboard. So, the camera will capture and display all the items that the driver will not see through the rear view mirror.

3. Whistling app

This app will prevent users from forgetting their phones anywhere. After installation, the app should be turned on. The user will register on the app with his thumb. Anytime he is up to 2 meters away from his phone, the whistle will just go off continuously for a minute or more depending on the setting.

However, when the owner of the phone wants to deliberately leave his phone at home while going out, then he can temporarily disable the app. This app will prevent loss of smartphones. The app should be working even if the phone is off. So, if a thief picks your phone in the bus and switches it off, when he is about to leave the bus, the whistle will just go off and you will be alerted.

4. Pet locating app

This app will help to locate a lost pet. The app should be created with a tracking chip. The chip will be embedded or worn on your pet like a chain. The app that will be communicating with the chip will be installed on your phone. So, if your pet gets missing, you will need to use the app to track him. It will tell you exactly where your pet is.

Google map will be integrated into the app so that you will be able to find your pet’s location easily. Social media should also be integrated into the app. This will make it easier for you to share the picture of your lost dog on your social media account so that your friends and followers will help you locate it.

5. Smart home app

It is believed that some smart home apps have been developed already. The app should help to manage light and other appliances at home to help save energy cost. For instance, if your living room remains empty for about 10 minutes or more depending on the setting, the TV set, air conditioning unit and the lights there should all go off. This is necessary as you may rush inside your room with the hope of coming back to your living room immediately and get engrossed with something in the room.

When you are leaving home in the morning, it is possible for the last person to forget to switch off certain appliances. Your smart home app will switch it for you.

In conclusion, all the applications outlined above are ways through which app developers can improve human lives by exploiting the artificial intelligence technology. However, they are all mere imaginations for now.

New Apps That Can Be Built On Artificial Intelligence

Kenneth Evans

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