New PR Rules in Australia in the Current Year of 2019

 Kevin Brown
  Apr 09, 2019

Staying in big countries gives you lots of opportunities and scope of growth. Countries like Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia, United States, Norway, and France are the main attraction for people to migrate. Here we are going to talk about the New PR Rules in Australia.

A period of five years is allowed to the holder of Permanent Residence (PR) Visa of Australia without any limitations in the country to live, work and study for the time given. Every immigrant around the world would migrate to Australia due to its high standard of living and a laid-back lifestyle with a strong economy.

Planning to apply for a Visa of Australia in 2019 then you should definitely know the new rules that are changed by the Australian Government in the visa process requirement and rules.

New PR Rules in Australia

New PR Rules in Australia for Immigration

Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australia stated that annual immigration intake will remain at the centre of political discussion while indicating it could be slashed so that opportunities can be open up for migrants in regional Australia.

A new temporary sponsored parent visa is likely to be introduced by the government in the first half of 2019. The Visa details were revealed in the year 2016 but got delayed by 3 yrs. According to the New PR Rules in Australia for Immigration, parents can stay back for 5 years there. A visa for 3 years’ worth $5000 and a visa for 5 years costing $10000 fee is an option for the parents of the immigrants.

The Great Southern Coast of Victoria and Designated Area Migration Agreements with the Northern Territory signed by the Federal Government are the two special agreements, offering a pathway to permanent residency to semi-skilled migrants with limited English.

Partner Visa changes made in New PR Rules in Australia for Immigration

New PR Rules in Australia

On 17 April 2019, the new partner visa changes got commenced before any relevant partner visa applications were made which required the approval of persons as family sponsors. Which means before Partner visas can be lodged sponsorships have to be approved. You need to book an appointment to discuss and understand how these changes may impact you if you plan to apply for a Partner visa. The partner visa sponsorship applications would need to be lodged before the overseas partner visa application under stricter criteria and get approved before it could be lodged in the new regulations.

Australia PR Process Steps

A legal process that allows the applicants to apply for Australia visa is known as the Australia Immigration process. Around 9 to 12 months’ time is taken for the process of an ideal application. A visa will be granted by meeting the legal requirements at each step by you. There are 6 steps that you need to complete while applying for an Australian Visa which is known as the Australia PR Process Steps.

The 6 steps are given below:

1) Work Experience and Study Assessment:

These assessing bodies accredit applicants by going through their educational qualification. The occupation of the applicant varies from the assessing bodies where they will determine whether the Australian standards are reached and are equivalent by the applicant’s educational qualifications and work experience. A letter of accreditation is issued to the applicant once they are successfully assessed. AUD$800 fees charged by the assessing bodies, most of them charge around it.

2) Language Proficiency Proof:

The English language must be fluent for being an Australian candidate. (IELTS) i.e. the International English Language Testing System needs to be taken by the candidates English knowledge in categories: Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening of the candidates is being tested by IELTS. At least 6 per band need to score by the candidates as it is the minimum requirement for the visa.

3) Expression of Interest Submission (EOI):

Expression of Interest (EOI), needs to be submitted by the candidates on landing the letter of accreditation and then they should be applying for a visa with the help of Skill select Government will invite the candidate after this to apply for the visa.

4)State Nominated Visa:

Applying for the state nomination is the next step in case the applicant has applied for a state nominated visa. The application procedures are different as is the requirement for state nomination.

5) Filing the Visa:

The candidate must submit his professional and work experience documents, certified translations and other required documents along with the Visa application.

6) Police Clearance and Medical Examination

A local doctor registered with the Australian embassy needs to take the medical examination of the Applicant. The applicant and their dependents need to comply with character requirements and strict health, for entering the country.

So migrating to Australia will become more convenient if candidates abide by the New PR Rules in Australia.

New PR Rules in Australia in the Current Year of 2019

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