Official Game Rules and Unofficial Drinking Rules of Jenga

 Kevin Brown
  Jan 01, 2019

Jenga Game

Basic Jenga Rules

Before all these smartphones and tablets ruined the real games, Jenga was one of the most popular games and pastimes. Such was its influence, that despite internet sports ruling the gaming industry, Jenga still continues to find its way into the mainstream gamers of the modern world. It’s extremely simple Jenga rules, challenging character and access to individual teamwork as well as teamwork and strategy makes it one of the most played games in certain groups of the youth. Since you are in this article, it’s either because you want to learn the total and official Jenga rules or well, the drinking rules. Don’t worry, we provide both.

Firstly, let’s get you familiar with game and its background. This wonder game was created by Leslie Scott and was presented to the world at the London Toy Fair 1983. Brought up in several parts of Africa, Scott knew Swahili well and hence named the game Jenga, after the Swahili word ‘Kujenga’, which means “to build”. As of late 2017, Jenga has sold over 70 million games! This game pretty much holds the tagline of “old is gold” in the current gaming industry. Well, not that we’ve hypes the game so much, we’ll not keep you waiting anymore. Here are the Jenga rules you’ve been wanting to know.

How to Play Jenga Game! : Jenga Rules

Jenga Rules

The main objective of the game is extremely easy and simple. The player removes blocks from the tower and puts it in the top of the tower. Whichever player is the last player or team to successfully remove a block and place it on the top. The game stops when the tower becomes unstable and falls down. The basic skills required to play this game is manual dexterity, hand and eye coordination and lastly, strategy and planning.

The game has 54 wooden blocks. The blocks are in the shape of cuboids and have variations from each dimension to create problematic situations for the stacking process. The game is to be towered with eighteen levels with the help of the included tray, to begin with. The blocks are to be stacked in a way that the blocks placed in the first and third levels should be in different directions compared to the ones in the second and fourth levels. For better clarity, imagine you’re looking at the Jenga tower from up above. From your high view, the alternate levels should be horizontal and vertical, respectively. This zig-zag pattern is a must and Jenga rules tell its players to strictly adhere to it.

Now, each player or team takes one block out of the various levels and puts it on the top. The game goes on like this till the tower is unstable and ultimately collapses. The last player or team to successfully complete the process emerges as the winner.

Jenga Drinking Game

The Jenga drinking game has lately gained immense popularity and is cherished by everyone all over the world, especially the youth. It is known for the humorous way that it’s carried out. First of all, you should know the rules of the classic Jenga game to participate here. Don’t worry, just take a look upward and you’ll understand everything about the game. Now, what you need according to the classic Jenga rules, that is, the 54 wooden blocks. Now, the only addition is that you need a marker as well! Why, you ask? Well, here comes the fun part.

Have you played Truth or Dare? Basically, here, you need to write dares all over the 54 blocks, and make sure it’s hilarious. For example, you need to get ideas like the following.

  1. Speak 10 lines in the British accent.
  2. Go ask a stranger about his/her marital status.
  3. Ask a person out for a dance.
  4. Imitate somebody of your choice.
  5. All single/married people to have 3 drinks each.
  6. Name the last guy/girl you asked out.
  7. Start singing loudly.

Do you get the point? Basically, make it hilarious and embarrassing for the person. Well, every time a player takes out a block successfully, he/she has to complete the dare written on the block.

So well, here you go. Official Jenga rules are given to you online, plus a note on the drinking game of the same, as well! We hope you have understood all the basic Jenga rules and how it played. All the best for your first game!

Official Game Rules and Unofficial Drinking Rules of Jenga

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