Online Marketing Tools: Top 4 Marketing Tools for SEO

 Sigmar Brickson
  Sep 18, 2018

Those days were long gone when you could afford to ignore the power and reach of the mighty Internet. In this era of the digital age, online marketing is becoming as effective as other conventional marketing strategies. At some points, it even dominates the conventional hoardings and billboards. Online marketing is the major investment for any brand, business or organization, either big or small.

If you want to achieve success (regardless of the scale of the industry you own), then it is must for you to plan your strategy for online marketing from the day one. Online marketing strategy includes; social media marketing, link building, search engine optimization, email marketing etc. Whether you are a person who is marketing his personal blog, website or product or a professional marketer, to achieve heights you need effective marketing tools. Tools that can help you achieve your marketing milestones in as little time as possible.

There are enormous types of online marketing tools available which targets different types of marketing fields. If I want to categorize these tools then it could be done in two ways; On the basis of price and on the basis of the effectiveness of the tools. It is not necessary that an expensive marketing tool is always better and more effective than the free one. So, here we are just going to concentrate on the second category, the effectiveness of the tool.

So, tell me are you ready to boost up your business through online marketing?

Let’s begin with some of the best marketing tool available in the market.

Google Analytics:

This is no doubt one of the best free tools by Google. Google Analytics is your personal detective which keeps track of the visitors visiting your site.

It just needs a couple of minutes to put the analytics code in your website and Voila! Your spy is ready for his job. Google Analytics tracks down every action and every move of your visitors. It gives you the more clear idea about your target audience.

It gives you an idea about the most popular pages of your site, about the keywords which are driving the most traffic to your site, about from which region or from which country your visitors are coming from, about how much time people spend on your site etc.

By accessing all this vital information, you can plan your marketing strategy more precisely. This is why Google Analytics should be on the top of your priority list.


Social media marketing plays a major role in online marketing. Everyone knows the influence of social sites. Just one viral post and it can give anybody the celebrity status just overnight.

Hootsuite is one of the best social media management platforms. It supports social integration for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, Storify and more than other 30 social platforms.

Hootsuite can help you with scheduling your social media post in advance and thus saves your loads of time. It also allows you to use a central dashboard to keep track of activities on your social media accounts. Just imagine dealing with more than 30 different social sites, posting contents on them and sending private messages to the targeted audience group; this really frustrating even for the professional players. Hootsuite does all of these with as minimum as a possible effort of its user. Hootsuite can really ease your work-load with social media engagement.

Hootsuite is a free tool, but Hootsuite pro can give you some additional features. It is available for a one-month free trial and after that, you need to pay monthly $18.

There is also available some social media tool like Instapro is the popular tool of Instagram academy it helps to set up a successful Instagram account.


In any business, small or big, keeping track of your competitors move is the most important and essential step to be taken. It can help you make a pre-planned move or strategy for boosting up the growth of your business.

Ahrefs is one of the most powerful backlink checkers. It gives you an idea about how many backlinks are pointing to your site. You can click through to each backlink to check them one by one. It also tells you from which keyword is driving you most of the traffic.

Ahrefs also helps you understand which keyword your competitors are targeting. You can also find the top performing pages of your competitors and the pages which you can outperform easily.

Ahrefs is a paid tool, but it is available for 7 days of free trial.


MailChimp joins your army of the email marketing. With more than 12 millions user, it no doubts claim the throne as the most popular email marketing app.

MailChimp provides you free services of email marketing if you have less than 2000 subscriber and you send less than 12000 emails/ months. At the initial stage, no businesses cross this figures. So, for small business owners and beginners, MailChimp is a free tool.

Although for an additional feature which is available in the premium version, you need to pay 10$/ month.

Online Marketing Tools: Top 4 Marketing Tools for SEO

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